Xmas Corporate Gifts: How to Rock it This Year!

What did your employees or staff get last Christmas? Do you remember what you gave your clients or business partners? How about your colleagues? If you don’t remember, it’s more than likely that they don’t remember either, which means they don’t remember your brand. Not so good, right?

The good news is that this year you can get into Christmas gift-planning mode early and hit a home run with personalised, innovative, fun and memorable items that will last in your recipient’s mind for the entire year. How do we know that?

Red Tomato is Australia’s leading promotional marketing agency because we care enough to go the extra mile to get you the items your brand needs and your target audience wants. Read on to find out more details about how we do it, and some tips to help you get better results, and check out an impressive case study along with our Christmas Catalogue full of fantastic product ideas. Ready? Let’s go!

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Xmas Corporate Merchandise: It’s All About Timing

To truly hit a home run with your corporate gift-giving this year, the first factor to take into consideration is timing. If you get your process started with enough time, chances are you’ll get every detail right, you’ll have time to fix any issues, and the entire process will run smoothly. 

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Lead Times and Order Placement for Corporate Christmas Gifts

If you’ve read this far, you know we like to go above and beyond your expectations. Allow enough time to review quotes, organise samples and always add a couple of extra days to allow our experts to dig deep and search for new and innovative products that’ll really rock your clients’ socks off!

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Remember to take into consideration the time it takes depending on where you get the merch from. For instance:

  • Local Options: 10 -15 working days.
  • Last-minute options are available, with 24-hour express services at a premium.
  • China Air Freight services: 6 – 8 weeks* depending on the item and the supplier.
  • China Sea Freight services: 10 – 12 weeks*, also depending on the item and the supplier.

*The clock starts once all artwork and sampling is done.

Samples with China

When sampling products with China, it’s okay to have feedback until you’re happy with the product because it can be a hit-and-miss sometimes.

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Quality Issues for Corporate Christmas Gifts

Our experts are very passionate about our quality control process. They’ll make sure every order you place is spot-on and meets our and your standards.

In general terms, our QC process involves:

  1. Final artwork sent to China
  2. Sample sent to Red Tomato for QC
  3. The sample sent to the client for approval
  4. Approved items put into mass production
  5. Packing photos – matched with art approval
  6. Order sent to the client after Red Tomato has completed a final QC

Ideal Volume: How Many Items Should You Order?

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Generally speaking, when ordering from China the rule is ‘the more the better’, meaning usually over 1000 units. 

  • Over 1CBM* or 100kg – best to send via Sea Freight
  • 25CBM = 20ft container
  • 50CBM = 40ft container

*CBM = Cubic Metre

Bulk Pricing

When you decide to order general merchandise in advance to get bulk pricing, you’ll save time, avoid rushing factories, have a better chance of getting it right the first time, be able to be creative with your order and add fine details such as packaging and ‘surprise and delight elements.

Kennards Hire Christmas Monopoly 2018 – Corporate Christmas Gift

One of our favourite Christmas corporate gift stories is Kennards Hire Christmas Monopoly 2018. Last year, Kennards was celebrating their 70th anniversary and wanted to thank and reward their staff for their hard work, effort and loyalty. They settled on a family classic, Monopoly, that would hero their branches and the range of products that they offer through the property squares, cards and custom tokens. Needless to say, the gift was a success among all recipients and is something they’ll cherish and use for a very long time.

Click here to read more details about the case study.

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Great! Now What?

Now you know how the process works and when to get started.

What’s next?

Check out our brand new 2019 Xmas Catalogue! Browse freely and make a list of your favourite items. Then get in touch with our experts so they can guide you through the entire process and make sure Xmas 2019 is unforgettable; plus, get great deals by starting your 2020 branded items planning now too!


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