2018 was the 70th Anniversary of Kennards Hire since it’s humble beginnings in 1948 with Walter Kennard ‘hiring’ his friend a concrete mixer. The business has stayed family-owned since then and wanted 2018 to be a celebration of their history. 

Staying true to this value, our client wanted to provide something that adds value to their families as a Christmas present to all from the Kennard family. 

The objective was clear: to thank and reward staff for their hard work, effort and loyalty over the past year.


Monopoly was decided as a way to celebrate the history of Kennards Hire, as well as champion the different branches around Australia and specialist services they offer (Concrete Care/Traffic instead of utilities). 

 All artwork, property squares and content was produced by Kennards Hire and the process began in February 2018, developing content and customizing the tokens to reflect the range that Kennards Hire offer. Production was confirmed at the start of June and delivered in late November to their network, just in time for Christmas.

Our team managed the whole process from concept through to fulfilment and supported the marketing team in every stage, from something as simple as getting the tokens of the products accurate and to scale, to ensure the print colour matched the client branding.


Approx 2000 “Kennards Hire Monopoly Boards” were given to the employees as gifts for Christmas.  Each of the families was thrilled to receive this custom gift.

As word got out, fans of the Kennards Hire brand and the game Monopoly attempted to get their hands on this exclusive Kennards Hire merchandise. The Kennard family were very proud of this gift and were quick to share it with top customers and friends of the family and business.