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Give new employees a welcome to remember
with customised onboarding kits.

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Get Inspired with our
Welcome Pack Ideas

No two welcome packs are alike. Mix and match different items to customise
and tailor your new employee gifts. From techie to minimalist, check out our
range of different welcome kits to draw inspiration from.

Innovate and Inspire

Innovate and Inspire

Build Lasting Memories

Build Lasting Memories

Surprise & Delight

Surprise & Delight

Give Them A Warm Welcome

Give Them A Warm Welcome

The Sustainable Ensemble Sustainable Starter Kit

Sustainable Starter Kit

The Gen Z Pack

The Gen Z Pack

The Millenial Pack

The Millenial Pack

Classy and Minimalist

Classy and Minimalist

Fuel The Creative Juices Kit

Fuel The Creative Juices Kit

Executive Essentials

Executive Essentials

The Ultimate Tech Ensemble (1)

The Ultimate Tech Ensemble

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Welcome Packs Why Get

Why Get A Custom Welcome Pack?

Leave a lasting memory for your employee’s
first day. Custom welcome packs are a great
way to show new hires that you appreciate and
value them. Don’t believe us?

Research says that great onboarding can
increase employee retention by 82% and
employee productivity by 70%.


Set Things In

Kick-start your branding
journey by choosing from our
wide range of promotional
products. Your choice is
swiftly transformed into
purchase orders by our
Account Managers.

These orders are sent straight
to our suppliers, ensuring
efficiency from the get-go.
A clear copy of each order is
dispatched to our Production
Coordinator for thorough

pen and star

Unleash Your

Make the products truly yours
by infusing your unique brand
personality into them.

Our Production Coordinator
liaises with suppliers to get
your creative vision on the roll. You’re in control: review,
tweak, and digitally approve
your custom artwork.
Rest assured, we only move
forward with production once
you’re 100% satisfied with the


Track Your

We keep you updated every
step of the way, from artwork
approval to the production

Our team provides regular
updates, including an
estimated dispatch date.
We diligently track the job
progress, ensuring your order
is right on schedule.
All updates and notes are
diligently recorded,
maintaining complete


Reap the

Witness the seamless
completion and delivery of
your custom promotional
products. We provide all
necessary tracking details for
your convenience.

Invoicing is done only after
the order is complete and
ready for dispatch.

Get ready to make a lasting
impression with your brand-
new promotional

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

Pricing for welcome kit items is determined by various factors, such as the type of item, quantity ordered, customisation options, and any additional services requested. We offer competitive pricing and strive to provide transparent and fair quotes for our clients.

How quickly can I get my items?

The turnaround time for your welcome kit items usually takes 2-3 weeks after design approval, given that the stocks are enough.

Can I design my own welcome kit items?

Absolutely! At Red Tomato, we offer the option for you to design your own items. We ensure that your items represents your brand perfectly 👌

We need storage for our kits. Can you help?

Yes, there may be a storage cost associated with storing your kits until they are ready for distribution. The storage cost will depend on factors such as the quantity of items and the duration of storage.

Do you offer samples?

Yes, we understand the importance of quality assurance, which is why we offer sample packs that allow you to experience the quality of our merch before making a purchase 📦

You may request a sample here: http://welcomekits.com.au/

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we offer international shipping to cater to our clients’ global needs 🌎

Do you do parcel tracking?

Yes, we provide parcel tracking services for all our shipments. Once your welcome kits have been shipped, we will provide you with tracking information so that you can monitor the progress of your package.

How much is the shipping?

Shipping costs are determined by the supplier after the order has been placed. It also depends on the weight of the package, the shipping destination, and the shipping method chosen 🚚

Our team will provide you with shipping options and associated costs based on your specific requirements.

What is the minimum quantity to order?

The minimum quantity for your Welcome Kits is 50 units 🎁 Our team can provide you with the minimum order quantity for each item during the ordering process.

What are the popular merch ideas requested from you?

We receive a wide range of requests for Welcome Kits, but some popular merch ideas include branded apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, and caps, promotional drinkware like water bottles and coffee mugs, and tech gadgets such as power banks and other tech gadgets. There’s an ongoing demand for eco-friendly items as well!

Don’t just take our word for it!
See what our satisfied clients have
to say about our work.

“Very satisfied with the quality of the products delivered and the friendliness
and efficiency of the Team at Red Tomato! Always available to help with new
projects, even if you are on a tight deadline!”

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Draw inspiration from our previous welcome kits and other
useful resources to create your very own welcome kit!