Welcome To The Full Product Experience

Welcome To The Full Product Experience

At Red Tomato, we believe that today’s most successful marketing campaigns go beyond just digital alone.

They focus on a comprehensive approach that includes both online and tangible executions to provide a full product experience that customers love. We’ve defined this as ‘marketing you can touch’.

The most successful brands are actually doing this a lot today. Apple’s products bring technology to life through its interactive genius bars and iconic accessories. Fashion labels like Chanel and Louis Vuitton have engaging window installations and a unique packaging experience that goes far beyond just selling handbags and shoes. Even car brands like Aston Martin and mainstream clothing labels like Topshop allow you to customise everything with colours, logos or embroidered personalisation.

These all leave a lasting impression, and no one understands this better than us at Red Tomato.

In fact, we’ve revolutionised our entire approach to help businesses like yours do this. Now, you can be amongst those brands providing the full experience and earning excellent results that smash your goals.

Let’s explore how you can take full advantage of marketing you can touch.

Changing the whole marketing experience

Changing the whole marketing perspective

Your customers are looking for more than just ads today.

Sure, they love all the most popular social media platforms and videos, but they see these things every day. To get noticed and excite them, your need to provide the full product experience.

To help, we’ve broken this down into our four pillars of product experience. With this unique approach, you can take full advantage of our services and get the best outcome for your brand.

Pillar one: Research & Strategy 

The best executions begin with a strong foundation of understanding and knowledge. Research & Strategy

While you know your business and industry back to front, left to right, having us by your side to provide some external perspective and first-hand research will offer additional fresh and juicy opportunities that haven’t been considered before.

So, to begin, we work with you to investigate market trends, brainstorm customer behaviours and create plans, all based on a foundation of insights and ideas. This ensures we have a full understanding of your industry, your audience and what’s happening.

To do this effectively, we collaborate with you to undertake:

  • Client Workshops
  • Consumer Behaviour Research
  • Market Planning
  • Campaign Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Digital Media Planning

This pillar is exciting as we can combine our insights with your knowledge to create a product experience that your customers will love.

Pillar two: Product Innovation

From that strong foundation, we can grow – and that’s what this pillar is all about. Product Innovation

In keeping with the theme of marketing you can touch, we create bespoke branded products using industrial design and custom prototyping to add that extra personalised and rewarding experience for your customers to evolve their experience.

Being unique is the most effective way to be memorable, and in a competitive market, we want you to stand out. This is why we use a range of resources and expertise to create product innovation through:

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Custom Moulding
  • Prototyping
  • Decoration Methods
  • Industrial Design
  • Bespoke Product Consultation

The pillar allows us to work together to solidify your product experience by providing you with bespoke products that make an impact.

Pillar three: Creative Services

Now, let’s have some fun!

At this stage, we strengthen and truly differentiate your brand with creative solutions, from designs and graphics to creative direction and content marketing, all of which provide a powerful way to connect with your audience.

After all, we can’t create the ultimate product experience for your customers without creative services like this. Our team of design and content specialists are available to create custom designs and bespoke branding elements that embody your brand.

This includes services like:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Long & Short-Form Content
  • Art Direction
  • Website Development

At this stage, you have all of your communications prepared and ready.

Pillar four: Marketing 

Finally, it’s time to execute so we can get your brand seen, your marketing felt and your product experienced!

To effectively implement your strategy, we align with you to provide marketing direction, tactics and the right channels to create deep roots that will sprout into success. Our Marketing Services specialists are here by your side to ensure you achieve the results you deserve through:

  • Omnichannel Integration
  • Ads Management
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Social Media Management
  • Promotional
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

These marketing solutions take care of the roll-out of your campaigns so that your audience will experience marketing that they can touch.

Want to see the potential ROI from incorporating promotional products into your mix? See our ROI Calculator here. 

Putting this all together for you

As you can see, we’re here to support you in offering the full product experience for your audience.

From the initial marketing strategy and digital campaigns to promotional products and more, Red Tomato helps you connect with all the senses of your customers to create a memorable journey that inspires brand recognition and loyalty.

Let’s smash your marketing goals together

Do you want to take full advantage of our four pillars to provide the ultimate product experience?

Then, we’d love to discuss your project.

At Red Tomato, our mission is to help businesses connect with their customers and audience through innovative promo product campaigns and creative strategies. To do this, we deliver all the elements that are essential to promotional marketing – from research and strategy to product innovation, creative services and marketing.

If you want to make that move towards meeting your customers’ needs and delighting them with marketing they can touch, visit our Product Experience page and see what Red Tomato can do for you.

Looking for some ideas for an upcoming project? Let’s brainstorm below. 

Corporate Christmas Parties 2020: How To Celebrate Despite COVID

Corporate Christmas Parties 2020: How To Celebrate Despite COVID

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

We can’t let anything ruin it – even a global pandemic.

Now more than ever, your team need to celebrate! Something to look forward to that would brighten up their mood, despite the rough and stressful year.

What better idea than a Christmas party?

The business Christmas party is a time-honoured and highly cherished tradition. Organising one in 2020 may be a little different due to the new norm, but it’s important to make it memorable, nonetheless.

Here’s how.

Struggling to plan your 2020 Corporate Christmas Party?

Your business Christmas party always takes a lot of time and effort to plan.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has probably thrown all your advanced preparations out the window. With all of the physical distancing requirements and limited social gathering restrictions, your plans may have fallen through, the venue cancelled, or you’ve had to decide the usual choices are no longer appropriate.

Worse – you now have less than 3 months to find a Plan B.

Don’t worry!

There are ways you can still celebrate with your employees and provide a memorable experience – all while sticking to your budget and complying with safety protocols.

Here’s how you can still hold your Company Christmas Party in 2020.

The best ideas for your 2020 corporate Christmas party:

With the disruption to everyone’s normal routine, a sudden shift to remote work and everyone feeling a little isolated, your employees are looking forward to a bit of bonding time together in December.

A corporate Christmas party is the ideal opportunity to get people together and show your appreciation for their hard work despite this difficult time.

How can you make this year’s Christmas party extra special even at a distance? Our Red Tomato team have compiled some great ideas for you:

1. Host an online games night and give away prizes

Thanks to technology, you and your team can still gather virtually and enjoy a fun night together.

You can put on a holiday-themed games night to encourage people to socialise again with their work friends. As prizes, you can give away tailored wellness packages or work from home kits to celebrate their victories and spread a bit of comfort and joy this silly season.

2. Organise a Secret Santa

We can’t let COVID-19 be the Grinch who steals Christmas. With online delivery services across Australia, hosting a work Secret Santa is the perfect idea.

You can set a budget and a premium merchandise wish list they can pick from to create their own gift packs. These can then be delivered straight to their colleagues’ doorsteps for a big surprise.

As an employer, you can also deliver branded gifts to them like calendars, journals, candles and other planning materials they can put to good use.

3. Deliver direct mail with branded items

Imagine the excitement your employees will feel when they receive a hand-written letter from you, delivered to their homes, paired together with a premium branded merchandise package.

How heart-warming is that?!

You might not be able to deliver the big speech like you usually do at your yearly Christmas party, but you can still show your sincerity and gratitude by writing them an appreciation letter for all their hard work this year.

When matched with a wrapped branded Christmas hamper, they’ll feel the company spirit, even from afar.

4. Sending customised physical invitations to your outdoor Christmas party

Even with strict lockdowns starting to lift, there are still a lot of physical distancing measures in place. So, if you opt for an outdoor Christmas party in the park, you can make it extra special by creating personalised physical invitations.

You’re not limited to just printed invites! You can customise your Christmas invitation depending on your business Christmas party theme, using promo items like Santa socks, snowballs, Christmas baubles, snow globes, candy canes and more.

5. Sending personalised premium gift packages

You may not be able to hold an in-person event. But don’t worry- you can reallocate the budget and send a premium branded merchandise package in lieu of a Christmas party.

Christmas hampers and gift packs make a very big (and lasting) impression that your team members won’t forget.

This way, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to spoil them with a high-quality gift that really finishes the year off with something special.

For some great gift ideas, see our custom Red Tomato Christmas hampers that are absolutely ideal for corporate Christmas presents.

Ready to plan your Business Christmas Party 2020?

It’s not too late to plan your Christmas party this year – in fact, it’s never too early to embrace the festive spirit.

It’s the perfect time to start organising now. With proper planning and the right creative solutions, you can still make Christmas a memorable one for all employees – even in 2020!

At Red Tomato, we have a Christmas Catalogue you can download to help you select great Christmas gifts for everyone in your team, and make their year.

How can Red Tomato help you this Christmas?

We go far beyond the typical hampers that don’t create a long-lasting impression.

This coming holiday season, we can help you create innovative gifts, invitations, Christmas hampers, premium packages and much more, all designed with your personalised logo to send to people who deserve it most.

Let us help you make their year!

Contact us directly to discuss your promotional gift ideas and we’ll work on getting you the right products for the right clients at the right time.

Phone: 1300 776 733

Email: [email protected]

5 Ways Promotional Marketing can help put excess stock to good use

5 Ways Promotional Marketing can help put excess stock to good use

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a wide range of challenges for all businesses. 

You might be facing a lot of uncertainties due to decreasing demand levels and adjustments to your marketing timelines, which has resulted in the accumulation of too much product stock.

A typical response may be a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction like throwing a big sale – however, this can damage your brand in the long-run. Instead, utilising promotional marketing is an effective strategy to remain connected with your audience and help spur demand again.

Creative promo marketing provides strong exposure by offering both potential and current customers tangible items – helping them remember your business both during and long after this crisis.

Here are some ideas to increase sales and move some of that extra stock by combining your offline promo campaigns with online promotions 

Social media competitions

Customers are relying on social media now more than ever. They spend hours looking for information and entertainment online- this is an opportunity! 

You can interact with followers online by hosting social media competitions like “Spin the digital wheel”, a “photo caption contest”, “best comment competition” or “monthly draws”. Your branded items and extra stock can then be used as prizes for winners.

Engagement incentives

Rewarding people for engaging with you can help drive them forward along their buying journey.

Promotional products are effective engagement incentives because they allow you to include your personalised branding or logo on items that customers will most likely use. For example, a mug, calendar or diary.

Do you need some ideas? Here are some suggested promotional materials you can tailor for your business.

Gifts for customer retention

To foster trust and loyalty, offering quality promotional items such as a cheese board or printed book is a smart way to strengthen long-term relationships. It’s also an indirect way of showing appreciation.

More than anything, your audience likes the idea of receiving gifts from you. These items can help them become brand ambassadors by making them feel special. 

Gifts with purchase for online orders

How can you encourage customers to purchase more products and services? By providing extra value! Offering them free promotional materials with their online orders can encourage them to increase their spend. 

Staff gifts

With isolation and people still working remotely or from home, staff need to be looked after as well. You may consider sending them Working From Home kits, promo product hampers and other branded stock.

This nice surprise will help them remain engaged with your brand and increase loyalty for your business, while helping you put excess stock to good use.

Promotional marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness and capture more sales using the power of tangibility, especially during this period. Whether it’s a shirt, a planner or a bag – seeing your brand on useful items makes people feel more attached and closer to your business and the solutions you provide.

See some more promo marketing ideas here.

But what return does promo marketing really offer?

See for yourself here, by using our Promotional Marketing ROI Calculator

Want to build your own promotional marketing campaign to increase sales?

No worries. We can guide you step-by-step through our free Plan A Promotion service

Our team can be an extension of your Marketing department. Leave it to us, and we’ll come up with a creative and tailored solution for your business. 

At Red Tomato, we take your marketing strategy to the next level by providing you with innovative promotional products that serve a real purpose – elevating your brand and increasing your returns.  

Contact us directly to discuss your promotional marketing strategy and we’ll work on getting you only the right products for the right clients at the right time!
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Promo With A Purpose: 6 Tips To Strategic Promo Marketing That Earns ROI

Promo With A Purpose: 6 Tips To Strategic Promo Marketing That Earns ROI

Campaigns are the bread and butter of marketing. Through a carefully devised strategy, they reach and engage customers with a mix of content, social media, advertising and creative executions.

However, one important element always seems to get overlooked until the very end: promo products.

When done well, branded promotional items can strengthen marketing campaigns and offer a lot of Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses. Unfortunately, rather than planning them efficiently and realising their actual value from the start, they’re often left as an afterthought in the strategic planning process.

This means they end up being a gimmick.

Since audiences today have high expectations and short attention spans, promotional marketing products can have a big impact when incorporated into a campaign. But to do that, promotional marketing needs to have a purpose to ensure that it adds true value to your business. 

To help you ‘promo with purpose’, here are 6 ways your Marketing team can get the most out of promo marketing.

(1) Start with the results you’re after

The best way of reaching a positive outcome from your promo marketing begins with understanding the overarching goals your campaign is aiming for.

Determining the ideal outcome will help you set your performance indicators and help your team tailor your strategy to meet these. By knowing where your campaign is headed, you can be clear about your approach and what kind of promotional products will help you achieve your goals.

(2) Plan your promo marketing 

A good plan never fails. 

Similar to how you determine the content and social media elements of your campaigns, it’s important to also consider the role that promotional items will play in the overall execution and roll out of your marketing from the very beginning too. 

This way, they’ll form a useful component of your campaign and won’t be a poorly considered after-thought which ends up having little effect on the outcome.

(3) Consider your objectives

What does your business intend to achieve? Is it to launch a new product, share a PR update, show loyal customers some love or generate more leads?

When you have a clear purpose, you can match a branded item that will help you leverage an ideal outcome. 

Ask questions like:

    • What kind of promotional materials will be ideal to use?
    • How will promo branded items contribute to the campaign’s message?
    • How will these products connect us with our customers better?
    • What physical promo items will reinforce the digital elements?

For example, if your campaign goal is to raise brand awareness, then what tangible branded items will contribute to this? You may create gift packs or merchandise that can be redeemed when a customer clicks on an advert or attends an event for instance.

(4) Determine the target audience

Identifying your ideal customer will help you personalise your promotional marketing strategy and deliver a brand message that resonates with them. This is because, when you know who your audiences are, you’ll be able to select relevant promotional items that will pique their interest.

Remember, your promotional marketing strategy should be valuable to the person you’re targeting. Knowing what they need and what impresses them will ensure what you’re giving is valuable and wanted, rather than just a throw-away item.

(5) Decide the kind of impression you want to make

The right promotional item can connect with customers like no other marketing can.

A wearable device is satisfying and practical. An event wristband can unite people. A prize is exciting, and a gift pack can make someone feel really appreciated. 

These are vivid emotional responses that can leave a lasting impression and develop a deep fondness for your brand.

Therefore, take the time to consider designs, colours, packaging and anything else that can improve your branded items and ensure consistency with your overall campaign.

For example:

    • Are eco-friendly products aligned with our brand message?
    • Are tailored welcome kits useful to business clients?
    • Will that branded item reflect our company’s image?
(6) Choose the right promotional product

While everything is going digital today, there’s something amazing about a physical promotional product that you can touch and interact with.

Your audience can be easily reminded of your business whenever they see your logo on their reusable coffee cup, that calendar or the leather journal they use every day. Tangible items can enhance a customer’s experience and extend your brand’s reach without getting lost in cyberspace.

Just make sure you pick the right promotional products. You can’t expect a successful result if your promotional marketing products doesn’t correspond with the marketing campaigns.

Want some promo inspiration?

To give you some ideas, here is a list of our suggested products that may match with that social media execution or your upcoming event. 

The importance of strategic promotional marketing

When you consider these 6 tips above, suddenly you shift your perspective away from gimmick items that do nothing for your brand, and more towards developing creative applications that extend your campaign’s reach and augment its strength in the eyes of your customers.

This can increase your Marketing ROI.

Want to see how? Check out our Promotional Marketing ROI Calculator here.

Simple – we can take you through it step-by-step through our free Plan A Promotion service.

Our team can be an extension of your Marketing department. Leave it to us, and we can come up with a creative and tailored solution.

How can Red Tomato help you?

At Red Tomato, we take your marketing strategy to the next level by providing you with innovative promotional products that serve a real purpose – elevating your brand and increasing your returns. 

Contact us directly to discuss your promotional marketing strategy and we’ll work on getting you only the right products for the right clients at the right time!
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5 Promo Marketing Ideas For Your Online Events

5 Promo Marketing Ideas For Your Online Events

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging to businesses all over the world. 

Events, seminars, product launches, trade shows, conferences and live interactions have all been cancelled, postponed, moved online or otherwise affected due to the new physical distancing norm. 

We understand how difficult it can be to come up with alternative ways to reach and re-engage event attendees, especially when there are restrictions around meeting audiences and limitations to what you can do. 

However, there is a way. 

Through promotional marketing (or ‘promo marketing’), you can still spark brand awareness and stimulate engagement with your audience, even when your events may be shifted to an online format.

Here’s how. 

  • Webinar gift bags

Because physical gatherings are limited right now, online conferences and webinars play a big part in organising events for your business.

But just because you’re not in person, doesn’t mean they have to go empty-handed! You can have physical event merchandise delivered straight to your clients. To promote your brand further, you can encourage people to take photos with your event’s promo products and share them for all attendees to see. 

See more promo marketing event ideas here.

  • Direct Invite Mailers

Invites are essential if you still want to run events. But, as you know, digital invites can get lost or ignored. So, get extra creative by sending customised invites using promotional materials or printed direct mailers.

Try ignoring an invite printed on a mug or a fancy printed card that arrives in the post. These will capture attention and ensure no one forgets to log in.

  • Exclusivity for sign-ups

To attract more attendees and increase excitement, you can put together a branded hamper or “swag pack” full of promo marketing goodies for the first 50 or 100 people to register for your online event. They’ll love the exclusivity and probably share the pack on their socials for everyone to see.

  • Involve interactive games

In between sessions, you can interact with online event attendees by hosting mini-games like “Spin the digital wheel”, “the best comment competition” or an opportunity to enter the draw by submitting their details on your site. Your branded promo items can then be used as prizes for winners.

  • Tutorial collateral

If you’re running an educational event online, then you can send them a pack in the mail with all their learning materials, some pens, a pad and even a few promo items gifts.

As you can see, promotional marketing is an avenue your business can take to increase participant engagement using the power of tangibility – even for an online event.

Do you need some ideas? Here are some suggested promotional materials you can tailor for your business.

But what return does promo marketing really offer?

See for yourself here, by using our Promotional Marketing ROI Calculator

Want to build your own promotional marketing campaign to increase sales?

No worries. We can guide you step-by-step through our free Plan A Promotion service

Our team can be an extension of your Marketing department. Leave it to us, and we’ll come up with a creative and tailored solution for your business. 

At Red Tomato, we take your marketing strategy to the next level by providing you with innovative promotional products that serve a real purpose – elevating your brand and increasing your returns.  

Contact us directly to discuss your promotional marketing strategy and we’ll work on getting you only the right products for the right clients at the right time!
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