We care about our social and environmental impact
sustainability, Sustainability

We believe in meeting the highest ethical expectations of our customers and consumers

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, the Red Tomato family have made a conscious effort to provide innovative solutions that put the environment first. Working with sustainable suppliers to offer eco-friendly product alternatives and safe manufacturing processes.


Product Safety

Complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety of the products we sell.

Product Quality

Supporting manufacturing processes that consistently meet expectations of agreed-upon product quality and functionality.

Social Compliance

Conducting business in an ethical, legal and responsible manner that protects the health, safety and rights of our employees, community and environment.

Environmental Sustainability

Manage our environmental footprint to minimize the adverse impact on the environment. This includes managing our production processes, energy and water usage, and waste systems.

Supply Chain Security

Together with our suppliers, procedures will be implemented to ensure products have not been changed or tampered with from shipping point through delivery.

Sustainable commitment
Sustainable Development Goals

Red Tomato supports the Sustainable Development Goals.


17 goals were developed by the United Nations to end all forms of poverty, fighting inequalities and climate change by 2030.

Together we have selected a goal that resonates with our team to focus on and work towards every day. This is goal number 15, Life on Land.

Life on Land is to sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity.

Nature is critical to our survival, and human activity has altered almost 70 per cent of the Earths surface causing 1 million plant and animal species at risk of extinction.

In order to continuously work towards this goal, we are going to continue to improve our company processes. This includes recycling, utilising sustainable products to reduce waste and limiting our energy usage.

Focussing on the Life on Land goal, allows us play our part in restoring the earth. Small steps, create big steps. We are responsible to make a difference.

Life on Land Goal
Red Tomato on Sustainability - Planting Trees
sustainability, Sustainability

We have committed to Sedex Membership and are in the process of completing all 18 modules covering health and safety, labour standards and the environment to further develop our policies.