Welcome Kit Do’s and Don’ts

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You make a huge effort to get new customers, right? Your marketing department, whatever size it is, is on a daily quest to attract prospects and convert them into clients. Once that task is accomplished, those new clients move into a whole new category that seeks, or ought to at least, to convert them into loyal brand ambassadors.

Perhaps your customer service team will take over and handle your clients from this point on. However, a properly designed welcome kit might make this transition into an extra boost of loyalty, delight, and #branding.

Nevertheless, this new customer intake process must be carefully planned and designed for each new client. Personalised, functional, useful, informative, and fun are among the traits to keep in mind when putting together a new client welcome kit. Remember that as much as a carefully designed welcome kit can make a great impression, a poorly conceived kit might do more damage than good.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together this guide of welcome kit do’s and don’ts so you have a better understanding of how to more efficiently tackle this process. Read on to find out and get in touch with our experts to get your own new client welcome kit going.


The Do’s

welcome kits do's and dont's

The basic tenet behind the “do’s” of welcome kits is centred around personalisation and customisation. It’s very efficient and an overall good idea to have a standard welcome kit that has been put together with anticipation, but it must have plenty of room for personalisation once you know what client you’re giving it to. It’s also a good idea to always assign a portion of your marketing budget to new client welcome kit personalisation in case you might need to get a specific item to properly personalise your kit.


The Info

Your new client might have decided to work with you for a specific set or reason or services. However, it’s very possible that your company offers other services that this particular client might not be aware of.

An informative brochure is the best way to let your new client know more about your brand, like other services you offer, success stories, experience, your processes, your team, and so forth. Make sure you keep this item easy to read, short, and straight forward, otherwise there’s a big chance no one will read it.

Let your imagination fly and consider delivering this information through other channels, such as a video, website accessed through QR code, interactive toy or tool, etc.


Tools N ́ Toys

Once you’ve dealt with the informative part of your welcome kit, it’s time to get down to the good stuff. This is your opportunity to surprise and delight your client. Be bold, be original, but be yourself, or better yet, let your brand be itself.

welcome kits do's and dont's

The items you select must reflect or communicate part of your brand message, its values, and its personality. But they also have to connect with your client by being interesting, useful, fun, and something that will be present in their lives for a long time.

Make sure the items in your welcome kit are congruent with the overall message you’re trying to convey and try to look for ways to personalise them for each customer. (Are you ready to start building your own welcome kit? Start here).


The Biggest “Do”

The most important aspect of your welcome kit, and the one that’ll ensure it gets the results you want (loyalty, delight, etc.), is to invest the appropriate amount of resources into it by letting the experts make the process smoother and more efficient.

welcome kits do's and dont's


The Don’ts

We’re going to keep the negative section of the “don’ts” short and straight to the point: Don’t be lazy, unoriginal, or petty. If you just assemble a regular old kit with a calendar, a pen, a notebook, or something similarly boring, don’t be surprised if your client isn’t surprised by your kit and forgets about it faster than you can say “welcome”.

welcome kits do's and dont's

There’s nothing wrong with calendars, pens, or notebooks, by the way; if they have the proper justification to be part of a kick-ass kit. (Check out here our list of top product to include in your welcome kit).


Don’t go at it alone!

Don’t go at it alone. Your team might have the best intentions in mind, but allowing a team of dedicated professionals to assist you in creating the perfect welcome kit will take a weight off your shoulders. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing your kit’s success is guaranteed. Let’s START HERE!

How to build a welcome kit