What to Include in a Welcome Kit for new employees in 2022

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Do you remember your first week at your job? How were you welcomed to the company? Was there an onboarding process? Was it a positive experience? Did you receive a Welcome Kit? 

Most employees are unengaged at work. Research shows the first days of starting a new position are crucial for the long-term success at an organisation. Welcoming new members to your team in a positive way is essential for keeping them engaged from the get-to. Engaged employees are more likely to perform better and be more loyal to the company.  Promotional products are a great way to welcome new team members and keep employees engaged from their first day. 


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Welcome Kits for New Employees

A welcome kit for new employees can be a great way to start out on the right foot. A welcome kit can be created for any type of employee, at any level, even if they are remote or a freelancer. It is a great way for people to feel welcome and that they are joining a team.


Here is what to include in your welcome kit for new employees:
  • Welcome letter
  • Promotional products
  • HR documents
  • Company’s mission, vision and values
  • Onboarding process and first week’s schedule


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New Employee Welcome Letter 

Why include a welcome letter in your kit? A welcome letter reinforces your commitment to hiring that particular candidate and shows appreciation for them choosing your company as well. It also makes clear details like the dress code, expected work hours, and other important details for the new employee to start off on the right foot.

Writing a new employee welcome letter also shows that you are a world-class employer that shows gratitude and appreciation, and someone they will enjoy working for.


What type of promotional products could you include in your welcome kit? Try to include products that new employees will use on the daily while they are working. A company-branded pen, notebook, and coffee cup are all great to include in a new employee welcome kit. 

In your welcome kit for new employees, including branded merchandise is a good way to make the new employee feel appreciated. Receiving a gift will make them start their position more loyal to the company and, in turn, start off more engaged. Read: 6 Pillars of Employee Engagement. 


Use a Welcome Kit to Install Company Values


A welcome kit for new employees should include your company’s mission, vision, and values. This will set clear what it is your company values and its goals, instilling these in the new employee’s mind right of the bat.

Clearly stating what the company is trying to accomplish will help the new employee envision how their work fits in with the bigger picture. If they have this in mind starting their very first day, this will make them more engaged and more of a team player.

Onboarding an employee in a positive way is crucial to their success at your company. Welcome kits can greatly improve that experience and using promotional products to create a feeling of loyalty to the company starting on the first day is important.

Employees that are happy with the culture of their workplace are 12% more productive. Work culture and the long-term success of both the employee and the company can be greatly influenced by investing in a simple welcome kit for new employees.

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