The Art of Finding the Next Best Promotional Marketing Idea

When it comes to new marketing ideas, sometimes brainstorming isn’t enough. Even when your team is comprised of the best minds in the marketing world, there will be times when your fresh ideas seem stale. It happens to the best of businesses, but the trick is to see this as an exciting challenge and not a stumbling block. At Red Tomato, we are here for you every step of the way. Read on, and we will show you the art of finding the next best marketing idea.


Be Aware of Current Trends

We know you’re on your phone, tablet, or some other information-spewing device almost all hours of the day. The problem with keeping up with the latest craze in promotional marketing is not the lack of material; it is knowing who to follow and which information is rubbish. Remember: if you listen to what everyone has to say, all you will end up hearing is a whirl of white noise. Take discretion when choosing who to follow on social media, and which news outlets to read.

Monitor the competition and take note of which marketing strategies are successful. Sign up for the latest webinars in your industry and attend a variety of networking events. Use key social media tools like LinkedIn and visit our blog to always be in the know. Oftentimes, someone else’s campaign can inspire you to put a new spin on what’s already being done or come up with your own upgraded marketing idea.


Know Your Buyer Persona Well

No matter how off-the-charts the latest trends are, they’re essentially worthless if they don’t apply to your demographic. Dig deep into your demographics and find out exactly who your buyer persona is. What do they need the most? What are they struggling with, and how can you step in and help them excel? According to Delta Marketing Group, the number one promotional marketing trend in 2017 is technology-related merchandise. The reason for this is clear: technology is useful and makes people’s lives simpler and more organised. Always keep in mind that whatever it is you choose to promote should fulfill an in-demand purpose.


Get Creative and Engage

After you’re familiar with the current trends, don’t be afraid to stand out with your marketing ideas. Poll your audience and start your own wave of promotional marketing ideas with products lacking in your industry. Take calculated risks within your budget, and make sure that your ideas are packaged in fresh, creative verbiage. Start your own hashtags with social media promotions, and never forget to include a clear call to action. Only by encouraging your audience to engage with you- and each other- will you create a successful movement.


Bringing Ideas to Fruition

As the great economist Theodore Levitt stated, “Ideas are useless unless used. The proof of their value is in their implementation.” Creating new marketing ideas, and making those ideas reality, should be non-stop process. Not all will be instantaneously successful, but by following these steps and taking calculated risks, you will hone the art of creating new marketing ideas.

Still not sure where to start? Contact us today for a free consultation. We are always here to help you in your creative process and beyond. Have questions or tips of your own? Please leave them below; we’d love to hear from you!

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