Sports and Events: The Holy Grail of Promotional Marketing? | Sports marketing

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The Wide World of Sports Marketing

Marketers are always looking for ways to get more leads, create a bigger fan base, increase brand presence, and in general boost sales by creating more loyal customers. If there’s an arena that does this better than all others, that is the sports arena.

Weekend after weekend, season after season, and game after game, you’ll see sports fans fill out stadiums and sell out events everywhere. But you’ll also find bars, restaurants, and even your buddy’s house packed with fans waiting for the game to start. But that’s not all when you take a closer look, you’ll see everyone wearing their team’s promotional products. Jerseys, hats, scarves, stubby holders, keychains, jackets, even the dog might be dressed in the team’s colours.


sport marketing-event merchandise

Any brand’s dream, right?

If your brand’s buyer personas are into sports, which in one way or another all are, then you can harness the awesome power of sports to leverage brand presence among your audience. All you have to do is strategically position yourself to connect your audience’s need for your product or service with their love of sports, or a particular sport.

Let’s take golf as an example. Golf is considered a high-class sport, it’s often associated with luxury, status, class, and power. Golf attracts players and fans who consider it a more “noble” sport and one wherein a way it is meant only for those who are “chosen”. If your research shows that your target audience is into the world of golf, then consider using golf as part of your marketing strategy.

This might include anything from sponsoring a tournament, hosting a golf weekend for VIP customers/leads/clients, or even a golf weekend for employees and managers to boost employee loyalty.

As you plan your golfing event, take into consideration adding some star power of attraction to it by inviting a famous athlete to the mix. This, plus choosing the right promotional products to give out before, during, and after the event, will guarantee you success and a big ROI.

So, planning ahead and making sure there’s an alignment of principles and preferences between your brand and the sports you’re connecting with is essential to successfully partner your brand with a particular sport.

Event Crowd Engagement

event crowd engagement tips

Sports and other events will attract large crowds, so you better be ready. There’s nothing worse than building up all kinds of excitement about an event just to be disappointed and bored once you get there.

To avoid event-death-on-arrival, make sure you strategically plan each aspect of how your brand is going to interact and engage with the crowd at every single different point of contact. There are plenty of innovative and creative ways to do this; you’re only limited by your creativity and how well you know your buyer personas.

You have to keep in mind that an event starts way before it takes place and should last in your audience’s mind for years after they’ve gone home.

A sure way to accomplish this is to carefully select and plant a promotional product strategy for them to connect with your brand before the event with products that transcend into the digital world where everyone is connected and your brand presence can spread like a virus, and into the real world, where years later a useful, fun, and innovative product can still be a part of your audience’s daily life.

Promotional Merchandise

crowd engagement and sports merchandise

Promotional merchandise is just the name for what could and should be a brand’s driving force at any event. Sure, during your event you’ll have star athletes, famous celebrities, fun activities, and so much more to keep your audience engaged and entertained the entire time. But there has to be a connecting link between all these emotions, and that’s accomplished by tying the entire mood of the event with the right promo merch in your attendees’ hands.

A careful and planned selection of promotional items will make your event engaging way beyond its physical constraints.

Your brand must also take advantage of the best of both worlds by creating promo merch that serves as a link to your social media and web presence, but that also serves as an item that will be in your audience’s real-life long after the show is over.

digital promotional merchandise

There’s a select group of experienced experts at Red Tomato who are eager to talk to you about making your next event, whether sports-related or not, a gleaming success by helping you plan a fabulous promotional product strategy that’ll generate a worthwhile ROI.  Book in a second a discovery call with one of our experts and we’ll help you to get your mind around winning the audience in your