Innovative Ideas for Event Crowd Engagement

“An interesting giveaway almost always guarantees participation.” -Deepa Christina Radh

You’ve done your research and your marketing team has picked out the perfect event merchandise. This is going to be your biggest event yet, and everyone is expecting your ROI to soar. After you think that you’re completely prepared for your day, be sure not to skip one of the key elements to success. Whether you’re representing your company at a trade show, festival, conference, or sports event, crowd engagement can make or break your investment. In this article, we will help you achieve your goals with the most innovative ideas for event crowd engagement.

event merchandise for crowd engagement

Make it Personal

No two events are the same, and there is no one-size-fits-all promo merch for different demographics. As QuickTapSurvey points out, “At the center of any activation lives a big idea that must be creative, measurable and relevant… You shouldn’t expect the same activation to be successful across a bunch of different [events]. Personalise your idea based on the personality of the [event] and the needs and tastes of its core audience.”

Promoting your brand at a sports event will obviously draw in a different crowd than an opera concert, and your approach needs to reflect that. You shouldn’t expect that your logo-emblasoned beanies will go over well for both occasions. Also take factors, such as weather and event-based needs, into account. You could pass out blankets in the winter and sunglasses at a summer festival.

event merchandise for crowd engagement

Crowd Games

Whether you’re at a travel conference, a marketing tradeshow, or a rugby game, most people love a fun, interactive game. According to research, roughly 90% of event attendees who engage in crowd games will remember the brand that hosted it. That’s quite a favourable percentage. Games in physical and digital form both work well. A trivia game that encourages attendees to engage others ensures that more people will get involved. This translates to increased brand awareness.  On the flip side, if you own an app company, take advantage of how often people use their phones. Create a simple game specific to the event. Allow them to unlock rewards- such as promotional merchandise or a coupon code- with each level they pass.

event merchandise for crowd engagement

Social Media Engagement

While everyone loves receiving free, useful gifts, you must always keep in mind how to get the most out of your company’s investments. This is where social media comes in, and your strategy should span the event before, during, and after the fact. Create a hashtag specific to your brand and the event. Send out a Facebook blast prior the event, hyping people up with clues to what you’ll offer. During the event, encourage people to tweet, tag your company on Facebook, or share a photo of their new gear on Instagram. Make sure they use the hashtag! After the event, thank everyone, and create a slideshow of the most popular posts.

A great way to motivate people to use your hashtag is to set up a photo booth. Take advantage of the selfie-obsession, and give them a colourful backdrop to pose in front of. Don’t forget to make your logo clearly visible! Another idea is to offer prizes to a few, randomly selected, attendees who have used your hashtag. For example, if you’re at a technology conference, offer a coveted item such as an iPad engraved with your logo. Stick to your budget, but keep in mind that the better the prize, the more engagement you’ll receive.

All in all, the more crowd engagement you inspire, the more your ROI and brand awareness will increase. No matter where you perform your activation, keep it useful, fun, and interactive. Also, don’t forget to utilise the power of social media.

event merchandise for crowd engagement

What did you think of these crowd engagement tips for events? What has worked best for your company in the past? Please leave your answers in the comments below!

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