Wellness Programs: Everything You Need to Know About This Workplace Trend

Corporate wellness programs are the growing trend you need to follow. More and more companies are hopping on the wellness bandwagon and offering programs for their employees. Studies show that wellness programs decrease employee absenteeism, boost employee retention, and increase overall employee happiness. In fact, over 50% of employers have implemented some type of wellness program in the workplace.

Creating and implementing successful employee wellness programs requires more than just getting your employees a discounted rate for a gym membership. Above all, the programs you implement need to take into consideration the goals you have for your workforce and the company culture and values you want to instill.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about implementing a wellness program for your company.


Implementing corporate wellness programs is surprisingly easy.

Most company and employee initiatives can be just another thing that falls on the HR team to implement. However, employee health and wellness programs are surprisingly easy to create and implement. You can dedicate a small committee to own the initiatives, and even kick-start the efforts all on your own!

One of the best ways to get employees excited about a wellness program is to put together a “wellness pack”. This wellness pack can include anything from branded active gear to an activities journal. It’s an easy first step in kick-starting a health initiative at your company.

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Use wearable tech to incentivise participation in workplace wellness programs.

Two of the most popular trends today are (1) health and wellness, and (2) the latest technology. Your company  can encourage participation in your wellness programs by offering something that combines these two trends: wearable tech. One way to encourage participation in the programs you’ve implemented is to offer a branded wearable tech product to employees who reach a specified participation rate.

Not only will this incentive encourage employees to participate in your wellness initiatives, it will also support company loyalty by gifting them a branded product that they will actually be excited to use. Some examples of branded wearable tech that would add another dimension to your workplace wellness initiatives are:

• Fitness band

• Headphones

• Mobile mp3 armband


Some non-tech wearables that also make great branded gifts to integrate into your program are:

• Bluetooth beanie (for runs in the wintertime)

• Baseball cap

• Polo shirt

• Softshell 3/4-zip jacket

Wellness program merchandise

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Promote health and wellness and environmental friendliness at the same time.

Is one of your values as a company to promote environmental friendliness? It’s simple to integrate your company’s green initiatives into your workplace wellness initiatives. While you’re considering branded products to use as incentives for encouraging participation in your wellness programs, you may want to consider some eco-friendly products.

Here are some ideas for green-friendly branded products to utilize in your corporate wellness initiatives:

• Plant fiber drawstring bag 

• Backpack made from 100% recycled material

• Reusable water bottle


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