What To Send Your Employees To Reduce Social Isolation During COVID-19

The coronavirus is affecting us all in so many ways – it threatens our health, ruins our plans and keeps us away from our normal lives.

But strangely enough, it’s actually the impact to our working routine that’s throwing people off the most. With growing restrictions from the government, most businesses have made the decision to close their offices. Suddenly, everyone’s found themselves in their bedrooms with a laptop, adapting to working from home and trying to carry on as if it was business as usual.

To some, the idea of working from home sounds great! However, the adjustments they’ve have to make, the uncertainty of what will happen next and being away from friends and colleagues can start to make anyone feel quite lonely and isolated.

So as a Manager or Business Owner, what can you do to put your employees at ease and remind them that they’re not forgotten?

Appreciate and motivate them with a Work From Home Kit

Being at home alone and working in isolation can make everyone feel quite disconnected.
Suddenly – there’s a knock at the door and a little gift pack appears. They unwrap it to find that it’s a package sent from work.

Work From Home Kit

A Work From Home Kit is an unexpected (but welcomed) surprise and a great way to show a bit of love, even from afar. This little act can make your team feel instantly appreciated and can also be an effective way of reinforcing the importance of the role they’re continuing to play, even when not in the office.

These kits can include a note of appreciation, some guidelines, updates and reminders from the HR Department and, of course, some promotional products full of goodies. You may even include something more purpose-based, such as personalised company materials that they will find useful when completing their projects.

Purpose based employee gifts

Just the thought that Management has organised to send them gifts is enough to make employees feel good, and the customised company products will provide a sense of unity – helping them feel not so detached from their usual working environment.


Start with a Thank You note

It’s no secret: the coronavirus is making everyone a little stressed and anxious which can make it hard to focus.

Despite this, you still need your employees to work hard to continue to be productive. They all have an important role to play and in such economically uncertain times, you need everyone working together more than ever to keep the business running and your customers happy.

So, writing them a simple Thank You note goes a long, long way. It’s like a pat on the back, telling them that you acknowledge what they do and you’re grateful that they’re right by your side during these difficult times.

Employee thank you note

Don’t know what to write? No problem –  You can download a Thank You note template we have written. You can use it to connect with your team during COVID-19.

Don’t forget to add some business-related info in too

The difference between working from home and working in the office is that the latter provides easy accessibility when you need assistance.

Got some questions and concerns? Just one call or stroll to their office and you can start chatting. While working from home shouldn’t be too much different, it can often feel that way.

Suddenly, people are in home offices and not sure what the protocol is for reaching out.

By including some guidelines and business updates into your gift package, you can take the opportunity to reinforce company policies and procedures, or even update them with recent changes and news they should know about. You may even put in a list of contacts explaining how to ask for help when needed.

This will have much more impact than a corporate email.

Employee pack

Use Work From Home Kits to reiterate company values

While they may be working from home, you still want to recreate a sense of working normalcy somehow. This may include placing branded items and promotional products in your kit.

There are a wide range of branded materials you can choose from, from simpler items like pens, notebooks, coffee cups, tumblers, bags and desk calendars, to specialised and unique items. Really, it’s up to how creative you want to be.

You can let your imagination run wild by going through the selection here: www.welcomekits.com.au.

Just remember – the items you choose should reflect what your business stands for.

For instance, perhaps include your company’s mission, vision and values. Printing these into the designs of your promotional products can keep your employees inspired by reminding them that their contribution is important towards the accomplishment of overarching goals.

Think creatively employee gift pack

Even when they’re home-bound right now, seeing these promotional products will keep your brand’s presence around and recreate a sense of work routine, even out of the office.


Want personalised Work From Home Kits for your employees?

No worries! We can have them personally created for your business and delivered easily.

Book here a free 15-minute Kit Consult with one of our experts or contact us or call 1300 776 733 for more information. Let’s help you make a lasting impression with all of your team, even from a distance!