Top Promotional Items to Consider for Your EOFY Budget

As June approaches, we near the end of the financial year (EOFY) in Australia. It can be a stressful time when companies are closing the book. But this is also the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for team members and key business partners through strategic corporate gifting. Say “thank you” to employees and partners with a thoughtful gift that celebrates the accomplishments of your company. 

In this article, we’ll explore the different end of the financial year promotional items that you can add to your gifting strategy. EOFY gifts

Why Invest in EOFY Promotional Items?

The end of the financial year is a unique opportunity to use up the remaining budget on promotional activities. Here are the strategic benefits of investing in EOFY promotional items: 

  • Enhancing Brand Recognition — Invest in quality promotional items that can leave a lasting impression on employees, clients, and customers. Functional and quality items that recipients can use in their day-to-day lives such as a custom tote bag or tech accessory can help keep your brand top of mind long after receiving the gift. 
  • Maximising Tax Deductions — The end of the financial year is the perfect time to write off expenses incurred during this period as tax deductions. This strategic use of the remaining funds can help reduce your taxable income. 
  • Customer Loyalty — Surprise and delight your loyal customers with thoughtful branded merchandise they will remember you by. 
  • Boosting Employee Morale — EOFY gifting is also a good promotional strategy for your team. Rewarding employees with branded merchandise can help boost employee morale and reinforce that sense of belonging within your team. 
  • Supporting Marketing Campaigns — EOFY promotional items can complement your marketing campaigns and help create a cohesive brand experience. These tangible promotional items are great for brand visibility in your different marketing related events throughout the year. 

Top EOFY Promotional Items to Spread Love

  1. Orbit Wireless Charger

Never run out of battery with an orbit wireless charger. This 5W charger works with most modern phones and devices, simply plug it into a USB power outlet or adapter. Customise this according to your brand by choosing either the black or white variant and displaying your logo at the top.

This unisex windbreaker is lightweight and made from polyester to keep it shower-proof and wind-resistant. It contains a full zippered front, stowaway hood, and zippered side pockets, making it perfect for both work and casual wear. Wear your brand with pride by customising the windbreaker with your logo.

This large cotton tote bag is manufactured from 80gsm non-woven polypropylene and has that natural flecked finish. Its long handles mean it’s easy to carry on the shoulder, making it ideal for quick errands and trips. Design and customise this cotton tote bag with your brand design, colors, and logo.

Show off your brand logo in a pack of ten 3-ply tissues made from bamboo pulp. Packaged in a kraft cardboard box, this pocketable tissue is lightweight and the perfect companion for commuting and traveling. 

This sports towel is designed for absorption and is made from 100% cotton terry. The smooth fret area at the bottom of the towel makes it ideal for branding and adding your custom designs. Don’t sweat it, this towel’s got you covered for your sports, running, biking, outdoors, and gym activities. 

This 80-lined notebook is the perfect desk companion for quick note-taking. It has a hard PU cover and comes with a bookmark ribbon, an elastic closure band, and a pen loop. Choose between three color options for the notebook and customise the front cover with your brand’s logo and branding. 

Omega Notebook with Pen

Practical Tips for Maximising your EOFY Budget 

Before setting out your EOFY promotional plans, it’s important to have all your bases covered to ensure the campaign is on the right track. Here are some practical tips on making the most out of your EOFY budget. 

  • Plan Ahead — Start planning your EOFY strategy in advance to create an effective promotional gifting strategy. Identify your goals, target audience, and the kinds of items that would resonate the most with them. 
  • Negotiate with Suppliers — It can be a busy time for suppliers at the end of the financial year, but this can also be a great chance to negotiate for better prices or bulk discounts. Suppliers you have built relationships with can be more willing to give exclusive offers and better deals.
  • Monitor Trends — Gifting can have the opposite effect if your audience gets a gift that they don’t like. Stay updated on the current trends in promotional products to ensure they are getting trendy, functional, and desirable items. This increases the chance that the items will be used and appreciated, working wonders for your brand. 
  • Order in Bulk — Bulk purchases are great since they can significantly reduce the cost per unit, letting you stretch your budget further. When narrowing down items, make sure to consider items that have wide appeal so you can order in bulk. 
  • Measure and Analyse Results — Once the promotional items have been distributed, gather the data and feedback from select recipients to measure your campaign’s impact. Analysing results helps you understand what works and informs your future campaigns. 

How to Order Your EOFY Promotional Items 

Red Tomato offers a special curated selection for your end-of-the-financial-year campaigns in just three easy steps: 

How to order your EOFY Promotional items

  1. Choose from our product product catalogue to check our wide range of merchandise. For customised and tailored solutions, book an ideas call with us to get help from our product specialists on the ideal strategy and products for your EOFY campaign. Book an ideas call via our website or phone at 1300 776 733
  2. Red Tomato will craft and design the promotional products that you need. Stay updated with every step, from artwork approval to the production. 
  3. Your promotional products are ready to be launched and delivered to your doorstep.

Take the next step in your EOFY promotional strategy with Red Tomato’s customsied merchandise. Contact Red Tomato today to book your ideas call! Book us a call!


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