Top 6 Promotional Products Trends for 2019

Top 6 Trends for 2019

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Not when you were there for the 2019 PPAI Expo! We just got back from the ceremony and trade show. We not only received two awards for our work, but most importantly, we found out 2019’s top promotional product trends.

Here are the top 6 PPAI trends for 2019

1. Denim

Promo product merchandise trends 2019

Wine totes, lunch bags, make-up bags, luggage, and plenty of other items are now sporting a cool denim look, and they do stand out! Manufacturers are using this material on their products, and they’re getting a lot of attention. So forget about nylon and plastic, and enjoy the good looks and durability of the all-new denim promo products.

2. Retro

Promo product merchandise trends 2019

Retro is here to stay! Both CES and PPAI showed a growing tendency towards items with modern day technology that have a timeless look. These “new retro” products include items like Bluetooth speakers that look like old record players and gramophones.

3. Shiny

Promo product merchandise trends 2019

This year metallic, shiny, and golden looks are dominating the entire design industry. The promotional product space is no exception. A cool line of metallic-effect products stood out around the entire Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This shiny look stands out and you can find an entire line of products that include utility bags, sports bottles, key holders, cellphone holders, and much more.


Promo product merchandise trends 2019

Soft, elegant and stylish. The suede line of items we found at PPAI 2019 truly stands out as a classic look with modern twists that can appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Imagine a branded suede laptop case for your best clients? Now that’s something that’ll set your brand apart and make a lasting impression. Items in this line include all the classics like lunch bags, utility bags, and key holders, plus awesome ideas such as wine totes, can holders, card holders, and much more.

5. Burlap

Promo product merchandise trends 2019

The rustic, hand-crafted look of burlap takes on a whole different level when applied to promotional products. The roughness and woven style of burlap gives promo products a personality of their own and stands out in elegance, charisma, and style. Also known as Hessian Cloth, burlap items are a great strategy in promotional products if you want your brand to connect with deeper emotions in your audience’s psyche.

6. Jersey Knit

Promo product merchandise trends 2019

Originally, Jersey knit fabrics were used for clothing because of their soft feel and elegant look. This fashionable style has invaded promotional products to take them to a new level of sophistication and style. Add your logo and brand message and you’ll truly connect with your audience in a way you never have before.

PPAI 2019 left us with many great memories and lessons, plus insights and trends that we’ve brought back to offer directly to you. Download our new catalogue where we’ve collected the best of the best just for you, and get in touch to strategically customise your order, or just to chat about how these trends can connect your brand to your audience.

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