Screen Printing: Exciting New Techniques!

We previously covered the basics of screen printing onto fabrics, but there’s a whole range of new and exciting techniques left to explore! Screen printing is one of the most common decoration techniques when it comes to promotional marketing and there’s certainly a reason for it . With the right materials and specifications, it’s easy and super cost-effective. Several new screen printing techniques have emerged recently which will make screen printing more accessible and the results even more vibrant.

screen printing

Rotary Screen Printing

When it comes to curved objects, such as drink bottles or coffee cups, rotary screen printing is not a new technique but it’s still a god send that we want everyone to know about. A standard screen printing machine has a completely flat surface for the product to lie on, so printing onto a bottle would be an extremely messy job as the bottle or mug would roll around constantly. A rotary screen printer has rolling cylinders that glide over round objects as the object also rotates so the entire surface becomes printable. This technique is a must when wanting to maximise branding space on promotional drink bottles and coffee mugs.

screen printing

Printing on Spandex

There are very few screen printers in Australia willing to deal with the trials and tribulations of screen printing on to sports leggings and active wear. (Where, oh where, does Lulu Lemon get hers done?). This is because, as the fabric stretches the print will begin to crack and peel.  However, new technology allows us to print onto spandex  with low-density screen mesh and thicker emulsion. The biggest issue here is using a glue strong enough to hold the material whilst being screen printed. You don’t want your image to stretch and become distorted.

screen printing

Special Effects Ink

Wilflex now has a special effect ink on the market, and it has some seriously cool results. The ink makes your logo or image appear to be rusted, spray painted, cracked, or even flecked with gold sparkle! Check out the images below to trigger some inspiration!

screen printing

Gradient Effects

Gradient screen printing is truly an art form. Traditionally, screen printers could only print one colour at a time. However, if you imply a gradient screen printing technique, you can incorporate breathtaking gradients into your design to truly make your brand stand out. Gradient screen printing works especially well for bright colours, such as blue and green printed onto black shirts. If you’re printing dark colours onto dark material (like red onto black) opt for a white base coat to ensure your colours really pop.

screen printing

Four-Colour Process

Four-colour process screen printing uses PhotoShop to separate your artwork’s colours. The colour mode is then converted into CMYK (the same colour function your home printer will use). Make sure to use high quality, self-produced artwork and not something pulled from the internet for best results here. These four-colour process prints produce a beautiful, meticulously coloured garment. Think about getting the colour quality of a digital print but with the vibrancy of using ink. These designs are sure to make a statement about your brand’s high standards. Keep in mind that this requires printing onto premium, ring-spun cotton.

screen printing

The screen printing techniques that we’ve introduced here are the freshest innovations on the market. Here at Red Tomato, we cannot wait until they’re all available in Australia! We’ll be putting gold sparkle on everything.

For more screen printing ideas, check out our Pinterest board here!

Which technique are you most excited about using? Are there any other screen printing practices you’d like us to discuss? Tell us in the comments below!

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