6 pillars of Employee Engagement

Understanding the 6 Pillars of Employee Engagement

At the center of any marketing campaign is the objective to increase customer engagement; but what are your strategies for increasing your own employee engagement?

About 70% of employees are not fully engaged at work, with millennials being the least engaged generation. This means that most employees are not involved, enthusiastic, nor committed to their work and workplace.

This disengagement decreases operational efficiency and increases employee turnover.  Here are a few Red Tomato employee engagement tips to keep your workforce happy!

get to know your employees

Just like your customers, your workforce values authenticity. Genuinely get to know them; their strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. Learn how they work best and take an interest in their life outside of work. One-on-one coffee breaks and lunches can help your leadership team connect with your workforce.

set goals

Successful companies set goals with their employees; it’s as simple as that. There is a very strong correlation between setting employee goals and the effectiveness of companies. Work one-on-one with employees to set goals that align with their personal objectives and those of the company, and then make sure they are rewarded when goals are achieved.

invest in them

Providing basic training to make sure your employees are comfortable in their position will make them more engaged and committed to their work. Then go beyond basic training and invest in increasing your employees’ potential. This will not only increase their commitment to you, who invested in them, but it will also be an investment in your company, increasing the skill levels and retention rates of your employees.

One of the best ways to encourage staff commitment and boost engagement is through personalised Welcome Kits, check out our options here.

provide feedback

Don’t just communicate to workers when they need to change something, let your employees know that you are noticing the good work they are doing as well. Also, create channels where peers can acknowledge one another as well.  Positive reinforcement can work wonders for employee’s engagement at work.

encourage teamwork

Foster a “we’re in this together” spirit at your office. Team events, Friday drinks and lunches are a few examples of ways to foster teamwork and connect your employees to one another. Cooperation amongst employees is good for both workforce engagement and the company’s bottom line. (Read our Complete Employee Onboarding Checklist to know more)

thank them

Always remember to say thank you. Recognise achieving goals, reaching milestones, and accomplishing tough projects. Company branded gifts, like a coffee mug or a jacket, accompanied by a handwritten note are great ways to say thank you and create a stronger sense of loyalty between your employee and company.

Do you have any tips to engage your staff? Share them in the comments below!