We NEED to talk about laser engraving…

Laser engraving is a multifaceted and magnificent tool that we simply adore in the promotional products industry. Not only can you decorate items with laser engraving but you can also create products using laser technology. We’re going to run through both in this blog post.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is one of our favourites for a few different reasons:

laser engraving

1.You can personalise your promotional products with client or employee names – a great idea for your welcome pack gifts. It’s also a great way to implement the principals of the inbound sales methodology to be able to gain the trust of prospective clients. With laser engraving, you don’t have to pay set up costs for different names either. Say hello to our friend variable data!

laser engraving

2. It’s classy. Think about what’s happening in fashion at the moment – all monotone, all the time. You know it, you’ve heard it! Why not do the same with your promotional products? Laser engraving is a perfect way to get a tone on tone look but still have your logo stand out. Have a look at some of our inspiration pictures below.

laser engraving

3. It’s current. Laser engraving is a technology which is so new to the current market that it’s going to continue to progress. We don’t know it’s limit yet! The newest innovation is called 3D laser engraving. It’s a method which takes an image or photograph and laser engraves it inside a crystal block so it appears that the image is levitating within the crystal.

laser engraving

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is still a relatively new art form to enter the promotional products industry. It’s a method of creating products using a precision laser to be able to cut really fine lines. Think about a saw but on a much more intelligent level. With laser engraving, you can custom make products made out of timber, plastic, leather, paper or even metals.

laser engraving

What does this mean for the promotional products industry?

Laser cutting isn’t widely available to us yet. However, we suspect it will be in a few years. In which time you’ll be able to expect more products which can be cut into your exact logo shape. As well as laser cut paper items – which will be perfect for fancy invitations for gala dinners.

laser engraving

We’ll attach a link to our Facebook page so you can see an illustrative video of how exactly laser cutting works – it’s pretty interesting.

Interested in laser engraving? Contact one of our account managers to find out more about how you can incorporate the technique into your marketing merchandise.


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