Red Tomato – Promo Pie Recipe

Red Tomato Promo Pie Recipe

The Red Tomato Team have been measuring and mixing and stirring up something really special, just for you. We have prepared a tantalising recipe of success that will delight your senses.

recipe for a innovative marketing campaign


One Cup of Buyer Persona Worksheets.

3/4 Cups of Client Investigation Template.

6 Tbsp of Buyer’s Journey Infographic, room temperature.

For the filling use 2 Cups your favorite products 

1 ½ Tbsp of ROI calculator.

Red Tomato Hot Sauce to taste.

Serves: The more the merrier.



1. First, measure the products and services of your clients, stir together.

2. Crack the pain points, interests, and professional goals; whisk together until you have a consistent buyer persona worksheet.

3. Allow the buyer journey to sit at room temperature. It’ll go through different stages of their buying journey, add to the mix when it’s at the perfect activation stage.

4. Add the ROI calculator to the mix and roll into two investigation crust disks. Place one into a pie plate.

5. Our favourite part, the filling! Simply add your mixture of great, chunky, meaty products with fun strategic concepts on top of the first investigation crust.

6. Add our Hot Sauce to taste. We like it spicy! Then cover with the second investigation crust. Check for taste, add more if needed.

7. Bake until golden. Add more sauce on top one it’s ready. It’s fail-proof!

Discover the secret ingredient that will have your clients running back for more 


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