Go for the Gold with Promotional Branding!

Brand awareness that goes beyond the games: Olympic-themed campaigns that go for the gold

While an official Olympic sponsorship may be out of budget for your brand, an Olympic-themed marketing campaign that can go for the gold doesn’t have to be.

The Olympic Games have a “feel-good” factor and brands that implement winning marketing strategies can pass that feeling to their customers.

Campaigns that focus on the Olympic Games don’t end when the events are over, and their audience engagement goes beyond sports fans. Use the following tips in your Olympic-themed marketing campaigns and get the Gold in brand awareness!

Appeal to patriotism

The Olympic Games are one of the few moments that put everyone on the same team. Appeal to this phenomenon and include patriotic tones into your campaign. Some examples include Hershey‘s Chocolate changing their package colours to red, white, and blue or Budweiser Beer changing their name to “America” on their cans to support the U.S. in the Olympic games.


Your brand doesn’t need to change their name to appeal to patriotism this summer. For example, a branded gift such as pin up medal tally board, a funky new fitness watch or patriotic coloured sweat bands for your customers that work in an office environment, that sport the Aussie colours green and gold!

Make relatable campaigns

While not everyone will compete with the Olympics in their lifetime, everyone can still relate to their values of determination, courage, inspiration, equality, friendship, and respect. The most popular example of these values being well-portrayed in a marketing campaign are Proctor and Gamble’s Olympic TV ads.


The ad’s relate to the viewer’s memories of growing up playing sports and touches on all of the Olympics’ values.  Make sure the themes of your campaigns are drawing inspiration from those values and they will be sure to place you in Gold in audience engagement.

Implement event-driven activations

Branded product giveaways, discounts, and purchase specials can be activated during specific events. Research which events are the most popular in your area and time your campaign to run simultaneously. Free promotional product giveaways if Australia places Bronze, Silver, or Gold will make your brand part of the experience of watching the Games.

Get the fans involved

While the Olympics revolve around sports, it’s not what they’re all about. Brand engagement goes past appealing just to sports fans and has to get fans watching from home involved. Social media can be utilised to create campaigns that get the fans involved.

Simultaneously, they launched a social media campaign encouraging fans to post a photo of themselves, a Beats hashtag, and a single word that describe their personalities, emphasising the campaign’s theme of individuality. With the submitted photo, the fans were entered to win custom ad exclusive prizes.

What were the results? 1.7 million new Facebook fans, continuing even after the games were over. Oh, and their market share increased by 80% of the premium headphone market in the U.S.

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