Why Email Marketing is Still Effective, But Only if Done Right

Email marketing automation is the newest form of nurturing personalised relationships with your customers; make sure you’re doing it right.

The idea that email marketing is a strategy of the past is a myth.

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What does this tell us? It tells us that email marketing is still important and useful to generate leads. However, each email needs to be personalised and relevant to the specific recipient. An email marketing automation system is essential to being successful in this. Email marketing automation allows you to create personalised email campaigns and integrate the data with Google Analytics or other website trackers to learn more insights about your customers’ interests; in turn allowing you to send them more relevant content and offers.

The end goal of any email marketing is to nurture personal relationships with each of your current and potential customers. Here are some tips that will help you do email marketing right:

Create segments of one

Your customers want information that is relevant specifically to them. If not, your emails will get marked as spam without second thought. An email marketing automation system will tag recipients based on which content they click. By doing this, you’ll be able to see what type of content individual customers are interested in, how many times they have clicked on specific content (showing intensity of interest) as well as their demographics.

An email automation system will interpret data from when that same customer clicks through to your website, giving you feedback on what types of content and offers to send to which specific customers at what time based on their individual interests.

Skip the creative, catchy subject lines. A subject line that is simple and clear will cause 541% more clicks than clever ones. Don’t risk your email being tossed into the spam folder, and keep it simple. For example, switch out a vague “Still doing it the old way” for “4 Steps to Increasing Customer Engagement”. Stick to Red Tomato’s subject line checklist to improve open rates:

  • Succinct; keep it with a maximum of 50 characters.
  • Sense of urgency; why should the reader open the email at the exact moment it’s received?
  • Personalise; how is the email connecting directly with the recipient?
  • Tell your customer exactly what they’re receiving.
  • Convey a clear benefit to the recipient.

Email marketing and marketing automation

Commit to content

Email content needs to be relevant to each specific email recipient. This starts with knowing who your customer is; create buyer personas for the three different types of people your company is targeting with your emails. Knowing your customers’ personas will lead to stronger content.

Offer free gifts that incite action

Free gifts are a call-to-action. A promotional product giveaway can be a great activation to hook your email recipients to become interested in clicking on your content. A “to receive your free gift click here” email is also very measurable when using an email marketing automation system; and can give you great insights on the demographics and interest of your listeners.

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Email marketing automation is the newest form of creating and nurturing a personalised relationship with your customer and makes it easier for the marketer to do so. Just keep in mind, each email campaign needs to be clear, relevant, and useful for the recipient to skip the risk of being tossed into Spam.

Tell us about some of the most relevant emails you’ve received. Comment below and share this post!


  • Consumers who purchase a product through an email offer are likely to spend 138% more than a customer who does not receive email offers.
  • A subject line that is simple and clear will cause 541% more clicks than clever ones.

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