Corporate Christmas Parties 2020: How To Celebrate Despite COVID

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. We can’t let anything ruin it – even a global pandemic. Now more than ever, your team need to celebrate! Something to look forward to that would brighten up their mood, despite the rough and stressful year. What better idea than a Christmas party? The business Christmas party is a time-honoured and highly cherished tradition. Organising one in 2020 may be a little different due to the new norm, but it’s important to make it memorable, nonetheless. Here’s how.

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Struggling to plan your 2020 Corporate Christmas Party?

Your business Christmas party always takes a lot of time and effort to plan. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has probably thrown all your advanced preparations out the window. With all of the physical distancing requirements and limited social gathering restrictions, your plans may have fallen through, the venue cancelled, or you’ve had to decide the usual choices are no longer appropriate. Worse – you now have less than 3 months to find a Plan B. Don’t worry! There are ways you can still celebrate with your employees and provide a memorable experience – all while sticking to your budget and complying with safety protocols. Here’s how you can still hold your Company Christmas Party in 2020.

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The best ideas for your 2020 corporate Christmas party:

With the disruption to everyone’s normal routine, a sudden shift to remote work and everyone feeling a little isolated, your employees are looking forward to a bit of bonding time together in December. A corporate Christmas party is the ideal opportunity to get people together and show your appreciation for their hard work despite this difficult time. How can you make this year’s Christmas party extra special even at a distance? Our Red Tomato team have compiled some great ideas for you:

1. Host an online games night and give away prizes

Thanks to technology, you and your team can still gather virtually and enjoy a fun night together. You can put on a holiday-themed games night to encourage people to socialise again with their work friends. As prizes, you can give away tailored wellness packages or work-from-home kits to celebrate their victories and spread a bit of comfort and joy this silly season.

2. Organise a Secret Santa

We can’t let COVID-19 be the Grinch who steals Christmas. With online delivery services across Australia, hosting a work Secret Santa is the perfect idea. You can set a budget and a premium merchandise wish list they can pick from to create their own gift packs. These can then be delivered straight to their colleagues’ doorsteps for a big surprise. As an employer, you can also deliver branded gifts to them like calendars, journals, candles and other planning materials they can put to good use.

3. Deliver direct mail with branded items

Imagine the excitement your employees will feel when they receive a hand-written letter from you, delivered to their homes, paired together with a premium branded merchandise package. How heartwarming is that?! You might not be able to deliver the big speech like you usually do at your yearly Christmas party, but you can still show your sincerity and gratitude by writing them an appreciation letter for all their hard work this year. When matched with a wrapped branded Christmas hamper, they’ll feel the company spirit, even from afar.

4. Sending customised physical invitations to your outdoor Christmas party

Even with strict lockdowns starting to lift, there are still a lot of physical distancing measures in place. So, if you opt for an outdoor Christmas party in the park, you can make it extra special by creating personalised physical invitations. You’re not limited to just printed invites! You can customise your Christmas invitation depending on your business Christmas party theme, using promo items like Santa socks, snowballs, Christmas baubles, snow globes, candy canes and more.

5. Sending personalised premium gift packages

You may not be able to hold an in-person event. But don’t worry- you can reallocate the budget and send a premium branded merchandise package in lieu of a Christmas party. Christmas hampers and gift packs make a very big (and lasting) impression that your team members won’t forget. This way, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to spoil them with a high-quality gift that really finishes the year off with something special. For some great gift ideas, see our custom Red Tomato Christmas hampers that are absolutely ideal for corporate Christmas presents.

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Ready to plan your Business Christmas Party 2020?

It’s not too late to plan your Christmas party this year – in fact, it’s never too early to embrace the festive spirit. It’s the perfect time to start organising now. With proper planning and the right creative solutions, you can still make Christmas a memorable one for all employees – even in 2020! At Red Tomato, we have a Christmas Catalogue you can download to help you select great Christmas gifts for everyone in your team, and make their year.

How can Red Tomato help you this Christmas?

We go far beyond the typical hampers that don’t create a long-lasting impression. This coming holiday season, we can help you create innovative gifts, invitations, Christmas hampers, premium packages and much more, all designed with your personalised logo to send to people who deserve it most. Let us help you make their year! Contact us directly to discuss your promotional gift ideas and we’ll work on getting you the right products for the right clients at the right time. Phone: 1300 776 733 Email:

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