Brand Loyalty from Timed Marketing Plan

The Art of Brand Loyalty From a Timed Marketing Plan

Consider this simplified example of increasing brand loyalty with a perfectly timed marketing plan. Picture yourself in an outdoor market and it starts to rain. You don’t have raincoat or umbrella. Suddenly someone comes up to you and gifts you an umbrella, saving you from a soaking wet passage back to your car. 

As any person would be extremely grateful for that person who gave you that perfect product in the exact moment you needed it. That umbrella has a company’s logo and your gratefulness is now redirected from that individual to that brand. Why? Because you will forget that person’s face and maybe even what you purchased that day at the market; but you will see that logo every time you use your new umbrella and remember the moment they were there for you with the perfect product at the exact moment you were in need of it.

The most common reason people keep a promotional product is because they find it useful. But any product can lose its usefulness if it’s not in the hands of the consumer at the right moment. On contrary, the right product placed in the hands of the right consumer at the right moment will generate brand loyalty like no other.

Keep this connection between creativity and timeliness for your winter marketing campaigns. While lanyards and key chains are effective promotional products to give customers, you as a marketer have to be creative when thinking of branded merchandise. Picture how your customer will be using products and how to gift them the most useful products that make them remember you as a clever brand. In winter, coffee mugs, hot chocolate packs, umbrellas, beanies, and knitted socks are just a few pieces of branded merchandise that are useful, creative, and are perfect timing for colder temperatures.

At Red Tomato, we know first-hand the incredible impact of timeliness. Our Red Tomato team recently implemented a seasonal campaign for Star Casino. With Chinese New Year approaching, Star Casino saw an opportunity to take advantage of the perfect time to send a branded gift to their customers.

For The Star Casino’s Chinese New Year Campaign, the Casino gifted their customers a promotional product of an elegant metal fortune cookie containing a traditional New Year’s message. The campaign was implemented and well received during the biggest time of the year for The Star.

The promotional product campaign implemented by the Casino combined creativity and perfect time for the fortune cookies to be received by the Star’s customers. The cross between those two aspects generated brand loyalty and created a long lasting impact on the casino’s customers.

At the center of any promotional marketing campaigns should be an intersection between timing,creativity, and utility. Generating brand loyalty for your brand is about putting the right product in hands of your consumer at the right moment.  Check out our Marketing Plan page. We can help!