How to improve your marketing results by combining online with offline

How to improve your marketing results by combining online with offline

Marketing today has a big focus on digital. Advancements in technology and people’s obsession with the internet has encouraged brands to shift their tactics to online promotions – whether it’s content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more.

However, this space has become crowded and because of the growing competition among businesses, your audience now demands a personalised and interactive experience.

While digital marketing campaigns are effective in gaining attention, they often don’t create enough impact and engagement.

As such, incorporating offline promotional products can give your marketing efforts a little more edge by making your brand more memorable than ever.

Humans are very tactical and appreciate tangibility

People naturally crave physical connection. It’s in our DNA to engage all of our senses, and our experience heightens when we have something we can touch, see and feel.

This means that when you’re building customer relationships, non-digital marketing can play a big part in enhancing your brand image.

So, whether this is in the form of physical mail, corporate promo items or branded gifts, sending promotional materials can help reinforce your marketing message in a more impactful and effective way.

Renowned digital marketing brand, Marketo, also agrees with us – recently publishing an article reminding Marketers not to forget the power of offline marketing too.

It doesn’t mean you have to choose between online and offline campaigns.

However, online campaigns can have a more significant impact when supported by offline elements too. For example, a digital campaign that involves welcoming a new client via email is good; but also sending them a card or a welcome pack too is even better.

Taking advantage of both online and offline campaigns allows you to raise brand awareness more effectively than just one or the other, and there are so many creative ways to do this.

Here are some ways to strengthen your digital marketing with physical promotional products

Having a blend of online and offline campaigns allows you to boost your overall marketing strategy.

Some examples include:

  • Engaging leads through gifts

Want to drive leads further along their buying journey? One thing you can do is nurture them with an offline experience after an online one.

For instance, providing a gift card that arrives in the mail will mean they interact with your brand multiple times, rather than just via a fleeting email. You may even send coffee vouchers to people who decide to book an online consultation.

  • Sending direct mail with a promotional package

Contrary to what many think, physical mail is still an effective tool in marketing – especially when targeting other business clients.

To stand out in more ways than by just using an email, you can deliver printed collateral to their office, or you can get creative by sending them branded items such as a mug with your core values printed on it or a desk calendar with an attached note asking them when they are free for a chat.

  • Drive attendance to your webinar through physical invitations

Online conferences and webinars are the new normal. But how can you excite people enough to attend?

The answer lies in sending physical invitations. The good thing here is you’re not limited to just a printed note – you can tailor your promotional products according to the theme of your online event.

To give you some ideas, here is a list of our suggested products that may match your social media content or your upcoming event.

  • Event merchandise leaves an impression

What about during your event – do you want to be remembered?

To convert more attendees into considering your products and services, you can provide drink bottles, pens, shirts or journals as souvenirs of their attendance.

These tangible promotional products are items they can see and use every day, reminding them about your business and what you do.

  • Prepare training packs for clients

If you are providing free trials of your products and services, adding training or explainer packs with useful items can enhance their experience, motivating them to invest more time and interest.

  • Follow up with a customised note

When you feel like your emails are being delivered into a void, you can try sending a personalised note with branded items from your company.

In this way, clients will realise you’re going the extra mile to earn their trust.

As you can see, it’s not about replacing digital marketing, but augmenting it with a physical element too. Integrating your online and offline campaigns can provide your business with more cohesive and consistent marketing that engages more of your audience’s senses, making more of an impact.

With your online digital content and offline promotional products working hand in hand, your brand can gain more recognition, achieve differentiation and experience greater returns.

Do you want to see how? Simple, just check out our Promotional Marketing ROI Calculator here.

Are you considering an integrated promotional campaign?

No worries – let us help you.

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Our team can be an extension of your Marketing department. Leave it to us, and we can come up with a creative and tailored solution for your business.

How can Red Tomato help you?

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What To Send Your Employees To Reduce Social Isolation During COVID-19

What To Send Your Employees To Reduce Social Isolation During COVID-19

The coronavirus is affecting us all in so many ways – it threatens our health, ruins our plans and keeps us away from our normal lives.

But strangely enough, it’s actually the impact to our working routine that’s throwing people off the most. With growing restrictions from the government, most businesses have made the decision to close their offices. Suddenly, everyone’s found themselves in their bedrooms with a laptop, adapting to working from home and trying to carry on as if it was business as usual.

To some, the idea of working from home sounds great! However, the adjustments they’ve have to make, the uncertainty of what will happen next and being away from friends and colleagues can start to make anyone feel quite lonely and isolated.

So as a Manager or Business Owner, what can you do to put your employees at ease and remind them that they’re not forgotten?

Appreciate and motivate them with a Work From Home Kit

Being at home alone and working in isolation can make everyone feel quite disconnected.
Suddenly – there’s a knock at the door and a little gift pack appears. They unwrap it to find that it’s a package sent from work.

Work From Home Kit

A Work From Home Kit is an unexpected (but welcomed) surprise and a great way to show a bit of love, even from afar. This little act can make your team feel instantly appreciated and can also be an effective way of reinforcing the importance of the role they’re continuing to play, even when not in the office.

These kits can include a note of appreciation, some guidelines, updates and reminders from the HR Department and, of course, some promotional products full of goodies. You may even include something more purpose-based, such as personalised company materials that they will find useful when completing their projects.

Purpose based employee gifts

Just the thought that Management has organised to send them gifts is enough to make employees feel good, and the customised company products will provide a sense of unity – helping them feel not so detached from their usual working environment.


Start with a Thank You note

It’s no secret: the coronavirus is making everyone a little stressed and anxious which can make it hard to focus.

Despite this, you still need your employees to work hard to continue to be productive. They all have an important role to play and in such economically uncertain times, you need everyone working together more than ever to keep the business running and your customers happy.

So, writing them a simple Thank You note goes a long, long way. It’s like a pat on the back, telling them that you acknowledge what they do and you’re grateful that they’re right by your side during these difficult times.

Employee thank you note

Don’t know what to write? No problem –  You can download a Thank You note template we have written. You can use it to connect with your team during COVID-19.

Don’t forget to add some business-related info in too

The difference between working from home and working in the office is that the latter provides easy accessibility when you need assistance.

Got some questions and concerns? Just one call or stroll to their office and you can start chatting. While working from home shouldn’t be too much different, it can often feel that way.

Suddenly, people are in home offices and not sure what the protocol is for reaching out.

By including some guidelines and business updates into your gift package, you can take the opportunity to reinforce company policies and procedures, or even update them with recent changes and news they should know about. You may even put in a list of contacts explaining how to ask for help when needed.

This will have much more impact than a corporate email.

Employee pack

Use Work From Home Kits to reiterate company values

While they may be working from home, you still want to recreate a sense of working normalcy somehow. This may include placing branded items and promotional products in your kit.

There are a wide range of branded materials you can choose from, from simpler items like pens, notebooks, coffee cups, tumblers, bags and desk calendars, to specialised and unique items. Really, it’s up to how creative you want to be.

You can let your imagination run wild by going through the selection here:

Just remember – the items you choose should reflect what your business stands for.

For instance, perhaps include your company’s mission, vision and values. Printing these into the designs of your promotional products can keep your employees inspired by reminding them that their contribution is important towards the accomplishment of overarching goals.

Think creatively employee gift pack

Even when they’re home-bound right now, seeing these promotional products will keep your brand’s presence around and recreate a sense of work routine, even out of the office.


Want personalised Work From Home Kits for your employees?

No worries! We can have them personally created for your business and delivered easily.

Book here a free 15 minute Kit Consult with one of our experts or contact us or call 1300 776 733 for more information.
Let’s help you make a lasting impression with all of your team, even from a distance!

Personalisation: The Key to Successful Promo Marketing

Personalisation: The Key to Successful Promo Marketing

By now you’ve probably realised that personalisation is vital in today’s marketing world. Every interaction, whether it is physical or digital, your brand has with your customers or audience must be as personalised and customised as possible. It’s the only way to stand out from the competition.

The gathering and careful analysis of small and big data provides marketers and brand owners like you with a clear picture of how, when and why to approach your customers in order to serve them with the information they’re looking for at the time they need it the most.

marketing personalisation and custom promo merch

Promo marketing must be an important part of your overall marketing mix or marketing plan/strategy, therefore it deserves the same (or more) attention in order to personalise it to your target audience. A well-developed, personalised promotional marketing campaign/strategy is going to yield outstanding results in brand awareness, brand recognition, customer loyalty, leads and conversions, not to mention the great effect it has on employee satisfaction.

The key is to get the pros to help you develop and execute your strategy. Also, follow these simple yet important rules to get your personalised corporate gifts, employee welcome kits or recognition packages and your entire promo merch plan up to scratch with today’s demanding audiences.


How to Implement a Merch Personalisation Strategy:

Make Sure You Have the Right Resources

By making sure your promo merch strategy is taken into account from the beginning of your overall marketing strategy development, you’ll have the right resources in place to make the plan a success story.

Getting the right personalised product ready on time requires allocating resources like staff, a budget and enough time. If you do this right and have a team of passionate experts by your side, you’ll avoid plenty of headaches and the results will surpass your expectations.

keys to personalised promotional marketing


Gather as Much Customer Data as Possible

Current customers, new clients, prospects, new employees, old employees, business partners. No matter who is going to be on the receiving end of your promo merch strategy, you must know them extremely well. Use every channel of data available to create a detailed profile of your target so you can deliver the goodies they’ll love and use in their daily life.

This process of gathering and processing data pays off tremendously and it’s already required for your entire marketing strategy, so the info is already there; you might as well take full advantage of it.

keys to effective marketing personalisation


Synergise with Other Channels

As we mentioned earlier, promo products are part of your entire marketing effort. Thus, their existence must be synchronised with the rest of your marketing actions. It must also support those other actions, and vice versa.

Opportunities to do this are only limited by your creativity. Some examples include CTA’s for social media actions, landing pages and contests.

Why using promotional products for marketing is a good idea?


Consider Each Stage of Your Customer Journey

From leads to prospects and even regular customers, you must take into consideration where each one is on their particular journey. This will be a determining factor in how you approach them from a promo merch point of view.

A well-designed promo products strategy can even help you move your customers forward in their journey with your brand.

Design your promotional marketing strategy with an expert


Constantly Update and Refine

Each promotional product campaign is a chance to learn and improve. During your planning stage, define which KPIs you’re going to be measuring throughout the project. Once the campaign has concluded, gather all your data and perform a deep analysis so you can improve your next move.

How to messure marketing campaigns


Benefits of Personalised Promotional Products:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Drive Revenue
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Create Consistency Across Channels
  • Effectively target specific audiences
  • Build deeper relationships with customers
  • Give a face to your business


Need Ideas?

Promotional marketing helps your brand connect better with clients, generating loyalty and building strong long-term relationships by increasing the brand’s respect and love.

If you’re looking for personalised corporate gifts, employee welcome kits, new client packages or any other type of promotional marketing materials, get in touch with us to receive some custom ideas you’re going to love. 

In the meantime, check out our Xmas catalogue, subscribe to our newsletter for the latest product trends and play around with our ROI calculator to get an idea of the scope of your project.

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Timely gifts and products specific to audience behaviors and segmentation
  • Adding names and initials into products
  • Membership kits
  • Cupcakes, macarons and cookies
  • Custom wine and drink bottles
  • Custom sneakers and apparel
  • DIY Kits for highly personalised promo experiences
  • Laser engraved as a decoration technique for delivering with class
  • Personalised embroidery
Welcome Kit Do’s and Don’ts

Welcome Kit Do’s and Don’ts

You make a huge effort to get new customers, right? Your marketing department, whatever size it is, is on a daily quest to attract prospects and convert them into clients. Once that task is accomplished, those new clients move into a whole new category that seeks, or ought to at least, to convert them into loyal brand ambassadors.

Perhaps your customer service team will take over and handle your clients from this point on. However, a properly designed welcome kit might make this transition into an extra boost of loyalty, delight, and #branding.

Nevertheless, this new customer intake process must be carefully planned and designed for each new client. Personalised, functional, useful, informative, and fun are among the traits to keep in mind when putting together a new client welcome kit. Remember that as much as a carefully designed welcome kit can make a great impression, a poorly conceived kit might do more damage than good.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together this guide of welcome kit do’s and don’ts so you have a better understanding of how to more efficiently tackle this process. Read on to find out and get in touch with our experts to get your own new client welcome kit going.


The Do’s

welcome kits do's and dont's

The basic tenet behind the “do’s” of welcome kits is centred around personalisation and customisation. It’s very efficient and an overall good idea to have a standard welcome kit that has been put together with anticipation, but it must have plenty of room for personalisation once you know what client you’re giving it to. It’s also a good idea to always assign a portion of your marketing budget to new client welcome kit personalisation in case you might need to get a specific item to properly personalise your kit.


The Info

Your new client might have decided to work with you for a specific set or reason or services. However, it’s very possible that your company offers other services that this particular client might not be aware of.

An informative brochure is the best way to let your new client know more about your brand, like other services you offer, success stories, experience, your processes, your team, and so forth. Make sure you keep this item easy to read, short, and straight forward, otherwise there’s a big chance no one will read it.

Let your imagination fly and consider delivering this information through other channels, such as a video, website accessed through QR code, interactive toy or tool, etc.


Tools N ́ Toys

Once you’ve dealt with the informative part of your welcome kit, it’s time to get down to the good stuff. This is your opportunity to surprise and delight your client. Be bold, be original, but be yourself, or better yet, let your brand be itself.

welcome kits do's and dont's

The items you select must reflect or communicate part of your brand message, its values, and its personality. But they also have to connect with your client by being interesting, useful, fun, and something that will be present in their lives for a long time.

Make sure the items in your welcome kit are congruent with the overall message you’re trying to convey and try to look for ways to personalise them for each customer. (Are you ready to start building your own welcome kit? Start here).


The Biggest “Do”

The most important aspect of your welcome kit, and the one that’ll ensure it gets the results you want (loyalty, delight, etc.), is to invest the appropriate amount of resources into it by letting the experts make the process smoother and more efficient.

welcome kits do's and dont's


The Don’ts

We’re going to keep the negative section of the “don’ts” short and straight to the point: Don’t be lazy, unoriginal, or petty. If you just assemble a regular old kit with a calendar, a pen, a notebook, or something similarly boring, don’t be surprised if your client isn’t surprised by your kit and forgets about it faster than you can say “welcome”.

welcome kits do's and dont's

There’s nothing wrong with calendars, pens, or notebooks, by the way; if they have the proper justification to be part of a kick-ass kit. (Check out here our list of top product to include in your welcome kit).


Don’t go at it alone!

Don’t go at it alone. Your team might have the best intentions in mind, but allowing a team of dedicated professionals to assist you in creating the perfect welcome kit will take a weight off your shoulders. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing your kit’s success is guaranteed. Let’s START HERE!

How to build a welcome kit

How to use your end of the financial year budget to delight clients? – Old and New

How to use your end of the financial year budget to delight clients? – Old and New

Australian marketers’ Christmas in July is coming up quickly. Which means it’s time to celebrate the end of the financial year. You can use your remaining EOFY  budget to throw a party for your department, but…

What if we told you that you can use your end of the financial year budget to win clients and boost your revenue in both numbers and reputation significantly?

A promotional product campaign doesn’t have to be huge in order to get fantastic results for your brand. As long as you do it strategically and are backed by a team of pros, a promo merch campaign with the right products and the correct strategy will help you move clients along the different stages of your marketing and sales funnels more quickly. Consider the following and get in touch with the Red Tomato Promo Pros to get started.

Set clear goals

In order to use your EOFY money efficiently, you must strategically set objectives you want to achieve. Make sure you make them SMART —> Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

using end of financial year budget to generate sales

Some ideas might include building up your email database, increasing downloads of a new catalogue or ebook, boosting sales, getting more engagement, delighting your clients and so on. Whatever your goals are, it’s crucial to be clear about them in order to use your EOFY budget in the most efficient way possible.

Stand out and Conquer

Everybody and their mum give gifts during Christmas in July, and though 85% of people have done business with a company after receiving a promotional product, you need to know your target audience inside and out to determine which product to use and when/how to put them in their hands. This way, you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition and conquer their hearts.

Doing your research, knowing current trends, understanding if they enjoy certain sports or hobbies, and being aware of their needs regarding season of the year, culture, and other demographic data is essential to finding products that will resonate with your target.

end of financial year hacks to win clients

Don’t just send a branded pen. Partner with a Promo Agency that will invest research and resources into understanding your target, their needs, their problems, their situations, and do their best to solve them with the strategy and product we select.

Considering these facts will ensure that your promo products will be useful and your recipients will want to keep them.

Finding the right products for your clients

For example, for Valentine’s Day, at Red Tomato we wanted to send an appreciation message to our clients that would last all year round. To get the best results, we approached the project as a multifaceted campaign.

Sending a traditional mailer driving them to a specific landing page was the best way to pique the interest of our target market. Plus, when our mailer went out, our team also sent an email directing clients to Red Tomato’s Valentine’s Day landing page. On the landing page, clients were able to claim a free gift of a mug filled with Red Tomato branded chocolates.  This turned out to be a great way to personally deliver the gift to the client.

end of the financial year

The gift was chosen because it portrayed our message of appreciation and was combined with good timing for Valentine’s Day because the message you’re trying to deliver is as important as the product you’re sending. In fact, the product itself delivers the message for you.

(Read the full Valentines Day case study here)EOFY campaigns ideas - Campaign idea for end of financial year budget

Go With The Pros

As you see, the leftover budget at the end of the financial year can be used for a new promotional product campaign to successfully win clients for the upcoming year. Which in turn will help you increase your company’s effectiveness?

Want to get started on your promotional product campaign to win new clients or grow your business with existing ones?

Justin Reynolds Red Tomato Promotions

Get in touch with us to make sure you see an ROI from your EOFY budget, check out our EOFY Catalogue to get your juices flowing and place your order before June 30 to take advantage of our Buy & Fly promo to go into the draw to win tickets for two from Sydney to New York.

Buy and fly with Red tomato Promo