5 Ways Promotional Marketing can help put excess stock to good use

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a wide range of challenges for all businesses.  You might be facing a lot of uncertainties due to decreasing demand levels and adjustments to your marketing timelines, which have resulted in the accumulation of too much product stock. A typical response may be a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction like throwing a big sale – however, this can damage your brand in the long run. Instead, utilising promotional marketing is an effective strategy to remain connected with your audience and help spur demand again. Creative promo marketing provides strong exposure by offering both potential and current customers tangible items – helping them remember your business both during and long after this crisis. Here are some ideas to increase sales and move some of that extra stock by combining your offline promo campaigns with online promotions.

Image text - Combining your offline promo campaigns with online promotions

Social media competitions

Customers are relying on social media now more than ever. They spend hours looking for information and entertainment online- this is an opportunity!  You can interact with followers online by hosting social media competitions like “Spin the digital wheel”, a “photo caption contest”, “best comment competition” or “monthly draws”. Your branded items and extra stock can then be used as prizes for winners.

Engagement incentives

Rewarding people for engaging with you can help drive them forward along their buying journey.

Image text - Reward people for engaging

Promotional products are effective engagement incentives because they allow you to include your personalised branding or logo on items that customers will most likely use. For example, a mug, calendar or diary. Do you need some ideas? Here are some suggested promotional materials you can tailor for your business.

Image text - Gifts for customer retention
Gifts for customer retention

To foster trust and loyalty, offering quality promotional items such as a cheese board or printed book is a smart way to strengthen long-term relationships. It’s also an indirect way of showing appreciation. More than anything, your audience likes the idea of receiving gifts from you. These items can help them become brand ambassadors by making them feel special. 

Gifts with purchase for online orders

How can you encourage customers to purchase more products and services? By providing extra value! Offering them free promotional materials with their online orders can encourage them to increase their spend. 

Staff gifts

With isolation and people still working remotely or from home, staff need to be looked after as well. You may consider sending them Working From Home kits, promo product hampers and other branded stock. This nice surprise will help them remain engaged with your brand and increase loyalty to your business while helping you put excess stock to good use. Promotional marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness and capture more sales using the power of tangibility, especially during this period. Whether it’s a shirt, a planner or a bag – seeing your brand on useful items makes people feel more attached and closer to your business and the solutions you provide. See some more promo marketing ideas here.

But what return does promo marketing really offer?

See for yourself here, by using our Promotional Marketing ROI Calculator

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