10 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

How to engage the most unengaged generation with our tips for marketing to millennials

Marketing to millennials is all about creating a connection. Different to any generation before them, millennials require a more personified brand that speaks their language. Here are 10 tips for communicating with millennials in a way that will make your brand’s messaging stick:


  1. Be authentic.

Millennials are more willing to feel a personal connection with a brand than any other generation before. 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content when consuming news. They are extremely loyal to brands, but only to those who have gained their trust by being authentic and having a consistent voice.

  1. Out with the outbound, in with the inbound.

Traditional outbound marketing methods like magazine ads, radio airplay and cold calling do not impress millennials. They want quality information and to feel involved with the brand that’s talking to them. Creative inbound marketing strategies will bring millennial consumers to you.

  1. Be tech-savvy, but connect with them offline.

The most technologically advanced generation is overwhelmed by content. They are experiencing a constant stream of digital information and while millennials value a tech-savvy brand, the one that connects with them offline are the ones that will grab their attention. An example of this is an online-offline activation; a “Snap a Selfie” campaign with a promotional product will have them interacting with your brand to leave a lasting impression that goes beyond digital.

  1. Hear what they have to say.

Millennials are loyal to your brand, but they want to co-create it with you. 42% of millennials would like to be involved in the creation of future products or services of the brands they interact with.

  1. Personalise it.

This is the generation that values individualism more than any before. If a customer doesn’t feel like you are speaking with them on a personal level, they won’t be replying at all.

  1. Be the brand you wish to see in the world.

Millennials are expecting more out of companies than any generation before them. 75% of millennials say that it’s important that a brand gives back to society, and if your brand doesn’t, they will actually switch to your competitor that does.

  1. Do damage control online.

This is the generation that is used to voicing their opinions immediately online. Think of millennials as the kids on campus… they’re going to gossip about you, they’re going to do it online, and they’re going to be ruthless. That means, if a millennial shopper has a negative experience with your brand, they’re going to be telling 10 million of their friends. However, the same goes the other way, if your brand creates a positive experience for them, they’ll advocate for you.

  1. Don’t advertise.

Millennials have spent their entire lives seeing hundreds of advertisements a day. Of those advertisements, only about 150 will grab their full attention for more than a few seconds, and only 1% of millennials say they would trust a brand more after seeing a compelling advertisement. Millennials remember content that is relevant and connects with them on a personal level. Think GoPro, a brand known for its extremely high brand loyalty/retention, and where does almost all of its content come from? Their customers. They have become an extension of the brand itself.

  1. Don’t waste their time.

This generation grew up in an age of convenience and speed. When millennials want something, they want it now. They’ll even switch to a competing brand if a company’s website doesn’t load fast enough. Hurry it up and make it convenient.

  1. Don’t bug them.

Know your consumer and know their preferred communication channels. If it’s something that can be emailed or sent by text message, don’t call them; they would rather communicate with you at their convenience. This means putting a clean, concise message in front of your millennial customer at the perfect moment is essential for retention.

Keeping your marketing strategies up-to-date with communicating to your millennial audience is vital. If you do not reach your audience in an authentic, meaningful way, your message will be forgotten. Start making an offline connection today with an effective and holistic promotional marketing strategy with the help of Red Tomato.

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