How to improve your marketing results by combining online with offline

Marketing today has a big focus on digital. Advancements in technology and people’s obsession with the internet has encouraged brands to shift their tactics to online promotions – whether it’s content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more.

However, this space has become crowded and because of the growing competition among businesses, your audience now demands a personalised and interactive experience.

While digital marketing campaigns are effective in gaining attention, they often don’t create enough impact and engagement.

As such, incorporating offline promotional products can give your marketing efforts a little more edge by making your brand more memorable than ever.

Image text - People naturally crave physical connection
Humans are very tactical and appreciate tangibility

People naturally crave physical connection. It’s in our DNA to engage all of our senses, and our experience heightens when we have something we can touch, see and feel.

This means that when you’re building customer relationships, non-digital marketing can play a big part in enhancing your brand image.

So, whether this is in the form of physical mail, corporate promo items or branded gifts, sending promotional materials can help reinforce your marketing message in a more impactful and effective way.

Renowned digital marketing brand, Marketo, also agrees with us – recently publishing an article reminding Marketers not to forget the power of offline marketing too.

Image text - You don't have to choose between online and offline

It doesn’t mean you have to choose between online and offline campaigns.

However, online campaigns can have a more significant impact when supported by offline elements too. For example, a digital campaign that involves welcoming a new client via email is good; but also sending them a card or a welcome pack too is even better.

Taking advantage of both online and offline campaigns allows you to raise brand awareness more effectively than just one or the other, and there are so many creative ways to do this.

Image text -Strengthen your digital marketing with physical promotional products
Here are some ways to strengthen your digital marketing with physical promotional products

Having a blend of online and offline campaigns allows you to boost your overall marketing strategy.

Some examples include:

  • Engaging leads through gifts

Want to drive leads further along their buying journey? One thing you can do is nurture them with an offline experience after an online one.

For instance, providing a gift card that arrives in the mail will mean they interact with your brand multiple times, rather than just via a fleeting email. You may even send coffee vouchers to people who decide to book an online consultation.

  • Sending direct mail with a promotional package

Contrary to what many think, physical mail is still an effective tool in marketing – especially when targeting other business clients.

To stand out in more ways than by just using an email, you can deliver printed collateral to their office, or you can get creative by sending them branded items such as a mug with your core values printed on it or a desk calendar with an attached note asking them when they are free for a chat.

  • Drive attendance to your webinar through physical invitations

Online conferences and webinars are the new normal. But how can you excite people enough to attend?

The answer lies in sending physical invitations. The good thing here is you’re not limited to just a printed note – you can tailor your promotional products according to the theme of your online event.

To give you some ideas, here is a list of our suggested products that may match your social media content or your upcoming event.

  • Event merchandise leaves an impression

What about during your event – do you want to be remembered?

To convert more attendees into considering your products and services, you can provide drink bottles, pens, shirts or journals as souvenirs of their attendance.

These tangible promotional products are items they can see and use every day, reminding them about your business and what you do.

  • Prepare training packs for clients

If you are providing free trials of your products and services, adding training or explainer packs with useful items can enhance their experience, motivating them to invest more time and interest.

  • Follow up with a customised note

When you feel like your emails are being delivered into a void, you can try sending a personalised note with branded items from your company.

In this way, clients will realise you’re going the extra mile to earn their trust.

As you can see, it’s not about replacing digital marketing, but augmenting it with a physical element too. Integrating your online and offline campaigns can provide your business with more cohesive and consistent marketing that engages more of your audience’s senses, making more of an impact.

With your online digital content and offline promotional products working hand in hand, your brand can gain more recognition, achieve differentiation and experience greater returns.

Do you want to see how? Simple, just check out our Promotional Marketing ROI Calculator here.

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