15 Best New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

First impressions will definitely leave an impact. The first few months of a new employee are crucial to their longevity, and companies should take advantage of this small window to engage them and make them feel welcome. One of the best things a company can do is celebrate its first success – by giving out onboarding welcome kits. More than making your new employees feel appreciated, these kits can also communicate your organization’s culture and give your company a significant level of visibility when these employees brag about these first benefits on social media. Having trouble with what kind of kit to include in your next onboarding session? Here are some ideas to get you started!


Welcome kits are not just a random collection of quality gifts and treats. It’s also a way to introduce how the company works and the values it upholds. Feel free to add in things that will reflect your company’s identity.

1. The Old Traditional

You won’t go wrong with this kit! It’s the ultimate starter pack for any employee and is perfect for small-scale companies and start-ups.

The Old Traditional

What’s inside: It consists of useful office items with your brand or logo like a mug, a shirt, a tote bag, a notepad, and pen.

2. Cyberpunk

A more tech-savvy generation will eventually take over the employee market which means a lot of employees will appreciate gadgets they can use even on their first day.


What’s inside: This set has products they can use to stay connected like a universal charger, power bank, Bluetooth speaker, phone, or tablet stand.

3. Traveling Salesperson

This is perfect for consulting or audit companies that see some of their workforces on the road or on day trips.

Traveling Salesperson

What’s inside: Make their trips much more comfortable with a polo shirt, thermo flask, cooler bag, and umbrella.

4. Work From Home

The pandemic has definitely shifted workplace dynamics. Working from home is one of the market shifts that experts believe will persist in the coming years. While office interaction will minimize, this does not mean your culture should.

Work From Home

What’s inside: Help them be productive while at home with a hoodie, coffee press, mug, earphones, or headset.

5. A Greener Future

Another market trend that became much more apparent in recent years is sustainability. This means employees will appreciate more eco-friendly options for their welcome gifts. This is perfect for green-oriented organizations or companies that are moving to a more environmentally conscious strategy.

A Greener Future

What’s inside: Use products that are made up of recycled parts like reusable bottles, jute or canvas bags, reusable cutlery set, and bamboo wireless charger.

6. Swag it Out

Express your company culture in style. Wearable company items are still popular and relevant. It will also give your brand a great level of visibility especially when you design your apparel to be wearable on most occasions.

Swag It Out

What’s inside: Cap or beanie, shirt or polo, hoodie, socks, key fob.

7. The Utilitarian

You can never go wrong with utility and versatility. Employees appreciate items they can use for a long time, not just trinkets that will just sit on their desks and collect dust.

The Utilitarian

What’s inside: Everyday items are perfect giveaways like umbrellas, ponchos, caps, or duffle bags.

8. The Wild Card

One of the key strategies in keeping your employees engaged is involving them in decisions and empowering them with choice. You can set a budget or “company credits” that your employees can spend on merchandise. Check out our solutions for company stores!


What’s inside: It’s up to you and your employees!

Self-care and Wellness

The newer generation of employees considers work-life balance as an important factor for work. Showing your employees that you care about them enjoying their personal time can increase loyalty and retention.

9. Gym Junkie

This is not only perfect for athletic or sports-oriented companies, but for companies who espouse the importance of health to their employees.

Gym Junkie

What’s inside: Singlet or dri-fit shirt, reusable bottle or squeeze bottle, beach or bathroom towel, gym bag.

10. Pamper it Up

This is not only perfect for athletic or sports-oriented brands, but for companies who espouse the importance of health to their employees.

Pamper It Up

What’s inside: Diffuser, toiletry bag or pouch, beach or bathroom towel, massager.

11. The Great Outdoors

If your office is near hiking trails or outdoor activities, you can encourage employees to enjoy the wonders of nature with this set.

The Great Outdoors

What’s inside: Cooler bag, reusable cutlery, boonie hat, multi-tool, torch, or lantern.

12. Ready, “Jet Set”, Go!

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Gear your employees up for their next adventure! This is also perfect for hospitality or tourism-oriented companies like airlines and cruise ships.

onboarding welcome kits, 15 Best New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

What’s inside: Neck pillow, toiletry bag, power bank, universal charger.

Food and Beverage

Take your employees through gastronomical delights with kits that can help them discover new flavours or help them enjoy their favourite food and drink. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but isn’t that true for everyone else?

13. But First, Coffee!

Coffee is the most important part of the day. As one of the most popular beverages in the world, you’ll never go wrong with this kit.

But First, Coffee!

What’s inside: Mug, tea infuser, coffee press or plunger, kitchen scale.

14. Wine and Dine

Let your employees enjoy the exquisite flavours of a fancy dinner or a tête-à-tête over wine and some cheese. Who knows, you might even set up a member for an amazing outdoor wine date.

Wine and Dine

What’s inside: Cheeseboard, multi-tool or wine knife, a pair of wine glasses, whiskey stones.

15. Masterchef

Home items will always be appreciated, especially quality ones. This is also perfect for younger employees who are often freshly moved in. Help them get started with living an independent life with these useful items.


What’s inside: Apron, coaster, salad server, steak knives.

To conclude

No matter the company and no matter the culture, there will always be a perfect welcome kit for you and your newly minted members. For more creative ideas and to start with your personalized welcome kit, check our selections here. You can also check our individual products in our store. Our selection includes a wide variety of interesting products from wellness, fitness, general use, food and beverage, and apparel.

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