Promotional products and branded items can be powerful tools in achieving great ROI results from your marketing campaigns if done well. Here are 6 tips to help your marketing make an impact with promotional items.

Promo With A Purpose: 6 Tips To Strategic Promo Marketing That Earns ROI

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Campaigns are the bread and butter of marketing. Through a carefully devised strategy, they reach and engage customers with a mix of content, social media, advertising and creative executions.

However, one important element always seems to get overlooked until the very end: promo products.

When done well, branded promotional items can strengthen marketing campaigns and offer a lot of Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses. Unfortunately, rather than planning them efficiently and realising their actual value from the start, they’re often left as an afterthought in the strategic planning process.  Let’s rethink the time when you are implementing your promotional products.

This means they end up being a gimmick.

Since audiences today have high expectations and short attention spans, promotional marketing products can have a big impact when incorporated into a campaign. But to do that, promotional marketing needs to have a purpose to ensure that it adds true value to your business. 

To help you ‘promo with purpose’, here are 6 ways your Marketing team can get the most out of promo marketing.

(1) Start with the results you’re after

The best way of reaching a positive outcome from your promo marketing begins with understanding the overarching goals your campaign is aiming for.

Determining the ideal outcome will help you set your performance indicators and help your team tailor your strategy to meet these. By knowing where your campaign is headed, you can be clear about your approach and what kind of promotional products will help you achieve your goals.

(2) Plan your promo marketing 

A good plan never fails. 

Similar to how you determine the content and social media elements of your campaigns, it’s important to also consider the role that promotional items will play in the overall execution and roll out of your marketing from the very beginning too. 

This way, they’ll form a useful component of your campaign and won’t be a poorly considered after-thought which ends up having little effect on the outcome.

(3) Consider your objectives

What does your business intend to achieve? Is it to launch a new product, share a PR update, show loyal customers some love or generate more leads?

When you have a clear purpose, you can match a branded item that will help you leverage an ideal outcome. 

Ask questions like:

    • What kind of promotional materials will be ideal to use?
    • How will promo branded items contribute to the campaign’s message?
    • How will these products connect us with our customers better?
    • What physical promo items will reinforce the digital elements?

For example, if your campaign goal is to raise brand awareness, then what tangible branded items will contribute to this? You may create gift packs or merchandise that can be redeemed when a customer clicks on an advert or attends an event for instance.

(4) Determine the target audience

Identifying your ideal customer will help you personalise your promotional marketing strategy and deliver a brand message that resonates with them. This is because, when you know who your audiences are, you’ll be able to select relevant promotional items that will pique their interest.

Remember, your promotional marketing strategy should be valuable to the person you’re targeting. Knowing what they need and what impresses them will ensure what you’re giving is valuable and wanted, rather than just a throw-away item.

(5) Decide the kind of impression you want to make

The right promotional item can connect with customers like no other marketing can.

A wearable device is satisfying and practical. An event wristband can unite people. A prize is exciting, and a gift pack can make someone feel really appreciated. 

These are vivid emotional responses that can leave a lasting impression and develop a deep fondness for your brand.

Therefore, take the time to consider designs, colours, packaging and anything else that can improve your branded items and ensure consistency with your overall campaign.

For example:

    • Are eco-friendly products aligned with our brand message?
    • Are tailored welcome kits useful to business clients?
    • Will that branded item reflect our company’s image?
(6) Choose the right promotional product

While everything is going digital today, there’s something amazing about a physical promotional product that you can touch and interact with.

Your audience can be easily reminded of your business whenever they see your logo on their reusable coffee cup, that calendar or the leather journal they use every day. Tangible items can enhance a customer’s experience and extend your brand’s reach without getting lost in cyberspace.

Just make sure you pick the right promotional products. You can’t expect a successful result if your promotional marketing products doesn’t correspond with the marketing campaigns.

Want some promo inspiration?

To give you some ideas, here is a list of our suggested products that may match with that social media execution or your upcoming event. 

The importance of strategic promotional marketing

When you consider these 6 tips above, suddenly you shift your perspective away from gimmick items that do nothing for your brand, and more towards developing creative applications that extend your campaign’s reach and augment its strength in the eyes of your customers.

This can increase your Marketing ROI.

Want to see how? Check out our Promotional Marketing ROI Calculator here.

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