Best Welcome Kits for New Employees in 2023


Welcome kits or starter packs for new employees are an essential part of onboarding new employees to your team. Including branded gifts in your kits can encourage company loyalty, make new staff feel like they are part of the team, and be a great way to make a first impression! 

If you are looking to put together a welcome kit for your company, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared KICKASS SAMPLE KITS to help you get new ideas ranging from PR boxes to warm welcome starter packs!

 Here are the top 23 items best welcome kit items for new employees in 2023: 
  1. Wireless Headphones
  2. Premium Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Wireless Chargers
  4. Laptop Stand
  5. Retail Branded Backpack
  6. Vacuum Cup
  7. Notebook and Pen Pack
  8. T-Shirt
  9. Coffee mug
  10. Cap
  11. Reusable bag
  12. Infusion drink bottle
  13. Stationery set
  14. Lunchbox
  15. Keychain
  16. Drawstring bag
  17. Keep Cups
  18. Die Cut Stickers
  19. Candles
  20. Hoodie
  21. Table Games
  22. Umbrella
  23. Outdoor Essentials

While these may be the most popular gifts to include in welcome kits for new employees, there is always room for creativity! There are some guidelines to follow to make sure your welcome gifts resonate with your new employees. Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide on which products to include as welcome gifts for your new employees.

Top-10-Best-Welcome-Gifts-for-New-Employees--Tip 1: Choose gifts that make new employees feel part of the team

Welcome kits are designed to help with new employee onboarding and to make the employee feel welcomed to the company. Including company branded products in your welcome kit for new staff will make employees feel like part of the team.

For the same reason, fans wear uniforms to match their favorite team, employees at a company use branded products because they have a sense of pride in the company and they are unified to the team. Including branded welcome gifts for new employees will help them feel this sense of unity with the team right from the get-go.



Tip 2: Personalise your welcome gifts to match your brand

Of course, you should customise your welcome gifts to match your brand logo, colors, and style. Furthermore, you should personalise your welcome gifts for new employees to match the role, company industry, and the team’s attitude.

Is your team very casual? Maybe choose to include a branded T-Shirt rather than a button-down. Will the new employee’s role requires them to be on the road traveling often? Instead of a branded coffee mug, swap it for a travel mug. Does your company have a wellness program that encourages employees to be active outside? Include a branded cap to encourage participation in the company activities. Will your new team member be taking clients golfing often? Include a nice, branded polo shirt!

It’s important to customise your welcome gifts to be relevant and useful for the new employee. 

ideas welcome kits for new employees


Tip 3: Make sure the products you choose deliver core company values

The products you choose to welcome new employees to your company should immediately introduce them to your values. If your company values sustainability, include a reusable water bottle in your welcome kit. If one of your core values is continual learning, maybe include a branded pen and notebook to encourage new employees to take notes.  


Tip 4: Learn from the experts when choosing your welcome gifts

Companies all over the world, both large and small, have learned that welcome gifts contribute greatly to employee’s onboarding to a new role. If you need some inspiration, take a look at these companies who have put together welcome gifts for new employees:

welcome gift for new hire


Twitter includes a reusable tote, bottle of wine, small and large notebook, and a branded team T-Shirt for their new hires.
welcome kits, Best Welcome Kits for New Employees in 2023


In their welcome kit for new team members, Facebook includes a branded mouse, T-Shirt, and two notebooks.
welcome kits, Best Welcome Kits for New Employees in 2023


Uber includes a drawstring bag, jumper, cap, notebook and pen, pencil holder, and moreN

While these larger companies have great examples of welcome kits, there are some more local experts we can learn from. For example, Prospa put together a great new welcome kit for their new team members and included some branded gifts. Read our case study on how Prospa completely transformed their welcome kit with branded gifts that encourages company loyalty.

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