5 Unique Onboarding Welcome Kits for Employees

Onboarding is the perfect time for a company to put their best foot forward. This is more than just a period of your new employees getting to know the company. An onboarding’s effectiveness can affect your new employees’ engagement and success in their roles.

Unfortunately, 76% of HR professionals believe that onboarding is underutilised within their organisation. This gap means that what the company desires for its new hires is often not met. Creating a good onboarding process involves many moving parts and one of the most visible for new employees would be their welcome kit.unique onboarding process

Welcome kits are packages or items given to new employees once they join an organisation. These kits are designed to help them be informed, welcomed, and prepared for their new roles. The contents of the kit can be personalised for each employee individually and can also reflect the company culture and values. 

Creating a personalised and unique onboarding kit for new employees can be challenging so we have rounded up some ideas to get you started. 

Significance of Onboarding Welcome Kits 

Having a great team around your business is one way to ensure your success. This is why there is an emphasis on creating a great onboarding experience with programs, activities, and unique onboarding kits for new employees. Research shows that a company with a great onboarding experience can help increase employee retention by 82%. Moreover, these employees are 2.6 times more likely to be satisfied with their workplace. unique onboarding kits increase employee retention by 82%.

More than just employee retention, welcome kits can have many other positive effects on an organisation such as: 

  • Providing new employees with information such as company rules, team information, and more. 
  • Ensuring a smooth onboarding that can help them adjust to their new roles and responsibilities.
  • Reducing their stress and anxiety that comes with starting new jobs. 
  • Creating a welcoming environment that can increase their connection with the company and sense of belonging. 
  • Making a great first impression that will set the tone for their stay within the organisation. 
  • Increasing their performance by equipping them with the right tools and resources to excel in their new roles. 

Let’s explore 5 unique welcome kits for new employees that you can add to your onboarding strategy. Free Welcome kit Sample

Personalised Welcome Kits 

Adding a touch of personalisation takes new employee onboarding kits to the next level. You are not only giving them a gift but also showing that you went the extra mile for them. 

Research shows that engaged employees are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months. The best way to engage them is by showing that you put in the effort to get to know them and recognize their value to the team. 

Welcome kit personalisation can be anything from adding their name or nickname printed or embossed on items to curating their gifts based on their demographics and interests. These personal touches to their kit can increase their connection with their role and to the company as a whole. Personalised Welcome Kits

Tech-Savvy Onboarding Kits 

In today’s fast-moving and hyperconnected world, including technology gifts in your welcome kit can be a necessity. Especially for digital or tech companies, adding tech accessories and gadgets can also align with your company’s values and culture. 

There are many ways to sprinkle tech into gifts for tech-savvy employees. A Bluetooth headset can used for both virtual meetings and jogging sessions. A wireless desk charger can help keep their phones, smartwatches, and tablets fully charged for their after-work activities. QR codes can be scanned to lead them to free digital resources.Tech-Savvy Onboarding Kits

Wellness and Well-being Kits 

Employees feel valued when they feel their company looks out for their physical and emotional well-being. Show that your company prioritises their well-being through wellness kits or items. Fitness trackers can be nifty gifts that encourage an active lifestyle after work. Healthy snacks are good options for break times when they want a quick bite. Stress balls and bean bags give them an accessible outlet when they take a break from work and want to de-stress and relax.

Wellness and Well-being Kits

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Kits

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on moving towards sustainable practices. Workplaces are not exempt from this. Incorporating sustainability into an organisations operations can help save money, attract new customers, and boost employee morale. This also does wonders for attracting top talent – studies show that 71% of employees want to work for environmentally sustainable companies

Show serious commitment to sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly products into your welcome kits. Choose from eco-friendly packaging to items made using compostable materials like bamboo. Our top picks include practical items like a bamboo Bluetooth speaker, a cotton canvas tote, a wooden cutlery set, and a metal straw.Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Kits

DIY and Customisable Kits 

Do-it-yourself (DIY) welcome kits are designed to help new employees get oriented with their new roles and the company culture. These kits are focused on providing information, tools, and resources to the new employees so they can have a smooth transition into their roles. The items you would find in a DIY employee welcome kit would include company handbooks, training materials, technology startup guides, benefits and perks, team information, office supplies, and branded company swag. DIY and Customisable Kits

How Onboarding Kits Reflect Your Brand and Company Culture 

For new employees, their first few days will be their first real encounter with your company. This sets the tone for how their experience will be for the duration of their stay. More than just personalising their gifts, it’s a great opportunity to select gifts that reflect your brand’s values and company culture. 

Start by thinking of one or two of your most important brand values. Then try to see how you can translate this through a gift or experience. If your brand values the creativity of its team, then including gift cards for art classes can be a great addition to a welcome kit that aligns with your company’s identity. Personalised giftcards


An employee welcome kit is more than just a collection of items. They can be strategic tools for a smoother employee onboarding process. Showing that you are putting in the time and effort by creating a thoughtful kit can have payoffs in employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. 

Do away with reusing the same tired ideas when creating a new employee onboarding kit. Create a memorable and positive start with your new employees by curating unique welcome kits that fulfill every purpose. 

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