Top 5 Promotional Apparel Trends for Your Company Clothing

Much has changed in the world of promotional apparel trends since 2016, which is why we have updated this article. At Red Tomato, we stay current, and we want you too as well. We are the go-to source for all of your promotional merchandise needs, and this is especially important for corporate uniforms. We want you to stay ahead of the curve and always dressed for success.

For what seemed like eons, the hip world of contemporary clothing did not cross over into the land of promotional apparel. However, apparel trends in the promotional products industry underwent a drastic make-over in 2016. Since then, corporate uniforms and promotional clothing alike have been following fashion trends closely. One of the best ways to showcase your company is to demonstrate its relevance through appearance.

Read on to ensure that your employees aren’t dressed like they’re part of “Gone With The Wind” cast. Likewise, don’t dare sell wearable promo merch that is so last year, or your ROI will be left in the dust.


Top 5 Promotional Apparel Trends in 2018

1. Not Your Average Logoed T-Shirt

Say goodbye to plain t-shirts and polos with small logos that look like they’re too shy to say hello. You want to be proud of your brand, so don’t be afraid to display it in a bold way. At Red Tomato, we’re a big supporter of transfer technology, which allows your logo to be placed anywhere and in any size on a shirt. Add a pop of colour (see below for this year’s coolest hues) to make your design stand out. And by design, we mean that the logo is just the beginning.

Do you have a favorite quote that sums up your brand? Use it. People want to absorb your company’s personality visually, so add in that metallic embellishment, embroidered sailor tattoo, or whatever suits your fancy. It’s 2018; don’t hold back on the creativity.


Top 5 trends in promotional apparel

2. Hues that Make Your Clothing Pop

While the younger demographic of customers and companies continue to rise, so too does the demand for more fashion-forward promotional apparel. You have to stay current if you want to remain successful. That being said, retail fashion, as well as corporate clothing, is embracing a lively new palette. Here are some of the colours you’ll be seeing emerge this year:

  • Citrus colours like lemon, lime, and tangerine
  • Spring-infused pastels
  • Royal purples, from lavender to eggplant
  • Hot reds like ruby, scarlet, and merlot

Top 5 promotional apparel

3. Fashion-Forward Fabrics and Patterns

Why do people read fashion magazines? It certainly isn’t to achieve enlightenment. People embrace fashion trends, and so should you. If you don’t want your promotional apparel stuffed in the back of someone’s sock drawer, that is. Gone are the days when wearable promotional merchandise consisted of t-shirts made of the same fabric, style, and color. Now is when you need to get with times.

Corporate fashion nowadays is unafraid to step out in bold style. So much so that it’s tipping its hat to styles of the eighties and nineties.

  • Denim is back in a major way, showing up in diverse industries like service, corporate, and retail. Mismatched colours and treatments are welcomed in shirts, jackets, jeans, and even aprons.
  • Checkered and Gingham patterns are all the rage in button-down shirts, jackets, and more.
  • Add dimension to clothing with contrasting colours, zippers, or embossed lettering.

Top 5 trends in promotional apparel

4. Keep Comfortable and Stylish in Luxury Activewear 

When you think of a hybrid, does a Toyota Prius come to mind? Just as in the car world, the fusion of two seemingly opposite styles is the fashion du’ jour. Remember when you were too embarrassed to go to the store in your sweatpants? Athluxury, or athletic luxury, is the answer to your comfy dreams.

Athluxury has officially entered the scene for promotional apparel. You said you wanted good-looking leisure wear, and brands like Lululemon, Nike, and Under Armour have listened. Performance apparel is one of the most in-demand promotional fashion items on the market today. With form-fitting, streamlined cuts and high-quality fabric, this coveted style is the perfect canvas to show off your brand.

Not sure which style suits your demographic? Zippered hoodies, racerback tanks, and moisture-wicking shirts are some of this year’s best options.


Top 5 trends in promotional apparel

 5. Tailored Chic with High-End Labels

No matter what the latest trends are in the fashion world, classic style will always be on trend. There’s just something to say about an elegant dress or a tailored blazer. The way you invest in your appearance also reflects on how much you’re invested in your business. Corporate uniforms are an excellent way to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward (in an Italian leather shoe).

High-end labels will never go out of style, possibly because they’re the ones setting the fashion trends. Red Tomato has teamed up with some of the world’s most coveted brands, such as Van Heusen and Calvin Klein. Not only do we offer fashion consulting, but we also do custom fittings to ensure the ultimate tailoring experience. Sign up here for access to our range of high-end corporate clothing.


Top 5 trends in promotional apparel


We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 5 promotional apparel trends. Remember, our promotional products at Red Tomato isn’t just limited to the latest technology and reusable bags. (But yes, we do have the latest and greatest in promo merch!) We’re also here to help you stay ahead of your game and dress for success. These are the latest fashion trends in 2018. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation, or even if you need assistance with international sizing conversions.

What is your favorite apparel trend from this article? Is there a hot new style we should watch out for? Let us know in the comments below!

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