Are Company Uniforms Necessary? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

You’ve seen them everywhere – the iconic red and yellow Surf Life Saving Cap, the Qantas Air Hostess’ uniform, or a waitstaff’s branded polos. Is it really necessary to have company uniforms?

These company uniforms aren’t just there to make the staff look alike. Work uniforms serve many other useful purposes as well. Here are some of the benefits corporate uniforms have for employees as well as employers.

The employee benefits of having a work uniform

There are many benefits to having a work uniform. First of all, a  uniform makes life easier for your staff. They don’t have to think of what to wear to work because they already have their outfits decided. They also don’t have to spend extra money on purchasing clothes just for work.

Employee uniforms don’t have to be ill-fitting or generic. Check out our options for custom fitting  using brands like Calvin Klein and Van Heusen.

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Having a corporate uniform also makes work easier for your team. Uniforms create a clear distinction between employees and customers, so there will be no confusion. A work uniform will also give your employees authority on anything related to the company, because it is obvious they are staff.

Not only do uniforms make things easier for your staff, they also build team unity. There is a reason sports teams have uniforms. Having similar work uniforms will encourage team unity amongst your employees and promote company pride. 

It is also a great way to onboard new staff. Once a new employee joins your company, giving them a work uniform will immediately help them feel like they are part of the team.

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The employer benefits of having company uniforms

Company uniforms can bring a lot of benefits to your company in addition to improving work life for your employees. For starters, providing employee uniforms will ensure they will look professional and in-line with the company messaging. You can design exactly how they will represent your company and that is a great advantage.

Additionally, studies show that employees are more conscious of their actions when they are wearing a uniform. Employees know they are directly representing the company when they wear a uniform. It makes them more aware of what they say and do, and how they interact with your customers.

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Uniforms also can improve security and protect your workers. Your company knows best the safest clothes and conditions in which staff should perform their jobs. The best way to ensure that they are compliant with safety regulations regarding clothing is if you supply it.

The branding advantages that uniforms provide

In a recent survey, 56% of participants explained that company uniforms were more effective for their branding than online advertising.

Your employees are representative of your company’s brand, so shouldn’t their uniforms be as well?  Like we mentioned before, you can design and determine how your staff’s uniforms will look. This gives you space to create a uniform that goes inline with your messaging and tone.

Company uniforms create brand awareness and are another way to promote your brand. The clear visuals on a uniform across an entire staff increases brand recognition. 

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