Top 5 Coolest Company Uniforms

Over the last few years, company uniform policies have become much more casual. The implementation of casual Fridays, as well as millennials’ relaxed approach to business attire, have contributed to this approach. Nonetheless, uniforms are far from being outdated. They are a solid way to keep employees feeling like they’re part of a team, as well as helping your external clients recognise your brand. In this article, we will discuss the latest trends and the top 5 coolest company uniforms.

Here are the top 5 of Red Tomato’s favourite company uniforms:

1. Roster Bar and Restaurant in Helsinki, Finland

top 5 best corporate uniforms 2018

Denim is back in a big way: think 1980s’ Guess. Everything is made of denim- shirts, skirts, aprons, and entire outfits. Roster shows off its new uniforms, showing that this material is not only durable, it’s also sleek and super comfortable for its employees. Adding gold, tattoo-inspired logo stitches on each piece brings the look together seamlessly.

2. WOW Air, based in Reykjavik, Iceland

top 5 best corporate uniforms 2018

Since its inception in 2011, WOW Air has been pushing the envelope. With their jaw-dropping prices and use of bold colours, they haven’t stopped turning heads. Their bright purple uniforms are a risk worth taking- something Delta could have learned years ago. Not only does their sleek attire fit the entirety of their brand (think the airplane, website, and boarding passes), it also leaves a lasting impression on the consumer.

3. Cloudera, founded in the Silicon Valley, California, USA

top 5 best corporate uniforms 2018

Depending on what kind of business you run, sometimes logoed t-shirts or polos are the way to go. For example, if you run a hardware store, it wouldn’t fit the brand to have your retail associates wear a suit and tie. As Cloudera proves, with slogans like “I like big data and I cannot lie,” logoed shirts are simple, effective, and can be quite fun. Not only are these t-shirts super comfortable, but they also leave a lasting impression on clients.

4. WestWaters Hotel and Entertainment Complex in Caroline Springs, Victoria, Australia

top 5 best corporate uniforms 2018

As WestWaters’ staff proves, sometimes there’s nothing better than the classic button-up shirt. This fashion-forward establishment knows that, in 2018, checkered shirts are all the rage. This Gingham print is super versatile, as it can be paired with, khakis, black pants, or even a denim skirt. Having your employees dress in this uniform- which is just as fashionable on the street- demonstrates how approachable and relatable your company is.

5. Red Tomato, based in Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia

top 5 best corporate uniforms 2018

Red Tomato (that’s us!) believes in presenting your company with a look of classic elegance. We specialise in tailored chic, combining your brand with the highest names in fashion, such as Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, and Pierre Cardin. There’s nothing like the everlasting style of a European button-down shirt or a sleek, fitted suit jacket. Not only should you dress for the job you want, but you should also dress for the clients you seek.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of the five coolest company uniforms today. From bold colours to logoed t-shirts, to high-fashion classics, there is one thing that these looks have in common. Like everything else, you want to make sure that your image ties directly to your brand.

Upgrade Your Corporate Uniforms

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