Top 23 Best Welcome Kit Ideas for New Employees in 2024

It’s all about “surprise and delight”

One of the things that your newly hired employee will love is receiving an early gift. For instance, they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour and go through employee onboarding. By choosing the right products, you can shape how an employee perceives a company.

So, are you the kind of company that puts appreciation front and centre? It all starts with their first impression. It’s all about that big “wow” factor. Their first day should feel like Christmas. It will set the tone not only for their first day but most likely for the rest of their stay.

Workplace Essentials

In the realm of welcome kits and giveaways, everyday essentials can give you a lot of mileage. For example, people love things that are practical, especially if these are things they could use when they’re in a pinch.’

1. Notebook and Pen Pack

Artboard Notebooks and Pens

Notebooks are a great way to communicate professionalism. It’s also a great companion for team members, especially when they start attending their own meetings. For individual use, it can serve as a to-do list for those who are more skewed towards writing. What we have: Spiral notepads, pocket notebooks, Moleskin notebooks

Price range: $3 – $20

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

2. Magnetic Memo Pad

Magnetic memo pad

Similar to notebooks, these office items can prove useful to your new members. It can be a way to share notes or write important things like schedules or things that need immediate attention. What we have: Sticky note pad, sketch set, magnetic memo pad, desk planner

Price range: $1-10

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

3. Branded Backpack

Branded Backpack

Now, the items above are great but at some point, you’d have to make that “premium” reputation. When it comes to utility and impression, one of the best products you can include are backpacks. What we have: Backpacks, laptop bags, duffle bags

Price range: $15 – $30

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

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Fun and Lifestyle

When creating your employee welcome kits, thinking outside the box can give that perception of company culture. Surprisingly, giving out items that employees least expect can make them excited and much more open to possibilities.

4. Scented Diffusers or Candles

Scented Diffusers or Candles

Scented items such as diffusers and candles are small and affordable items that you can put in your welcome kit for variety. Additionally, we have scented candles and diffusers in our store. What we have: Scented candles, diffusers

Price range: $2 – $10

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

5. Custom Puzzle Cubes & Table Games

Custom Puzzle Cubes & Table Games

Table games are not only fun, but they can also help cultivate company culture. These games can be used for team activities, parties, or for personal enjoyment. Besides, it’s always fun to have something you’re not intending to buy. What we have: tumbling towers, puzzles, cards

Price range: $2-20

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

6. Solo Paddle Ball

Solo Paddle Ball

Any one-person game also makes for a fantastic gift. For example, its compact size and easy-to-learn mechanics make it suitable for a quick stress reliever in the workplace. New employees may enjoy taking a short break and engaging in an enjoyable activity. What we have: tumbling towers, puzzles, cards

Price starts at: $6

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

Accessories and Decoratives

Company swag trinkets are not necessarily as useful as everyday items but they make for great collectible items and bling. To clarify, these can include keychains, fob cases, stickers, or coasters.

7. Keychain


Key chains or key rings are perfect for companies that provide keys to employees. This can be used for lockers or even company vehicles that they drive. To make them more useful, you can opt for tool key rings like bottle openers or mini-torches! What we have: Torch keyring, bottle opener keyring, multi-tool keyring

Price range: $.80 – $3

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

8. Phone Wallet

Phone Wallet

An attachable phone wallet serves as a wonderful and thoughtful welcome gift providing them with a practical accessory that combines the convenience of a wallet and the functionality of a cardholder. What we have: Silicon or snap phone wallets

Price range: $1-3

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

9. Die-cut Stickers

Stickers can make anything look like company merch! The best thing about die-cut stickers is that they can be used on laptop covers, cases, or anything that younger workers love to sticker-bomb. Die-cut stickers

Dining and Drinkware

You can also use your welcome kits to give your employees items that they can use at work. This suggests the message that you’re there to help and provide support whenever and wherever.

10. Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mugs

This timeless item is always in style due to its affordability and versatility. Ceramic mugs are not only perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea but also have a multitude of other uses – alternative cereal bowl, pen holder, you name it!  What we have: bowl mugs, flared mugs, coffee mugs

Price range: $5 – $10

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

11. Covered cups

Covered cups

In contrast, while ceramic mugs have their own advantages, one thing they can’t do is be “on the go.” Covered cups are perfect companions for quick coffee runs as it eliminates single-use cups. What we have: Plastic and silicone covered-cups of varying sizes

Price range: $5 – $10

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

12. Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups

While covered cups have their own advantages, one thing ceramic mugs and covered cups can’t do is keep your beverage at temperature. You can now skip your morning coffee and come back to it still warm and fresh. Vacuum cups can easily make your welcome kit appear premium. What we have: Vacuum cups and flasks of varying sizes

Price range: $6 – $10

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

13. Reusable Straws

Reusable Straws

An eco-friendly reusable straw makes for a wonderful welcome gift for a new employee, showcasing your company’s commitment to sustainability. What we have: Infusion water bottle, tea infuser

Starts at: $4

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

14. Coaster


This puzzle-type coaster serves as a useful and stylish gift. Other than being eco-friendly and made from bamboo, it also fosters a sense of fun and creativity. What we have: Cork coaster, glass coaster, slate coaster sets 

Price range: $2 – $10

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

15. Lunchbox


This is a perfect item for those who prefer preparing their own meals rather than buying outside all the time. To spice up your set, you can also throw in cooler bags to help food stay fresher for longer. What we have: Stackable lunch boxes, collapsible lunch boxes

Starts at: $4 – $9

Create Your Own Welcome Kit!

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

Basic Wearable Swag

More than just apparel, company swag helps new employees identify better with the organisation they just joined. Think of it as an identification badge but better. One of the great things about wearable merch is its versatility in design and use.

16. T-shirt or Hoodie

T-shirt or Hoodie

T-shirts can be used for everyday errands to casual office events, especially those done outdoors. Shirts are perfect for brand awareness as they can be used in any place, situation, or weather. What we have: Cotton shirts, singlets

Price range: $7 – $13

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

17. Socks


When it comes to apparel, socks remain one of the top choices for a welcome kit. It’s a piece that gets worn more than the others and is something you can’t have too many of. What we have: crew socks, ankle socks, quarter socks

Price range: $5 – $10

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

18. Cap


They are practical yet subtle. Caps and other headwear are great additions to your employee welcome kit. These pieces are also easy to manage as they are designed to be a “one size fits most” apparel. What we have: Baseball caps, trucker caps, flat peak caps

Price range: $5 – $10

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store


The workforce is being filled with generations who grew up with technology. Consequently, you can expect a more gadget-invested team, which means they’ll be much more appreciative of tech accessories and peripherals.

19. Laptop, cell phone, or tablet stands

Laptop, cell phone, or tablet stands

Our gadgets can do almost anything these days, except for one thing – hold themselves up. Now, you can look at your phone while it’s recharging or you can use your gadgets hands-free. No wonder these items are popular. What we have: Bamboo stands, charging stands

Price range: $9 – $14

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

20. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones

Streaming, whether it’s music or videos, has undoubtedly become the primary means of entertainment. Wireless headphones and earpieces can make these moments more private without the hassle of getting tangled up in wires. What we have: Bluetooth earbuds, noise cancelling headphones, Bluetooth beanie

Price range: $17 – $100

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

21. Premium Bluetooth Speakers

Premium Bluetooth speakers

Who doesn’t like listening to their favourite tunes or watching a show whenever and wherever? A premium set of Bluetooth speakers will surely impress any new employee. What we have: Eco-friendly bamboo wireless speaker, outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Price range: $13 – $45

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

22. Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers

Wires and cables can be cumbersome, especially when you pick up your phone every now and then. Minimise the hazards of yanking out the entire circuit board with wireless chargers. What we have: Charging pads, phone stand chargers

Price range: $7 – $25

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store

23. Powerbank


Now, you don’t have to worry about your phone dying in the middle of nowhere. Because of this, you can choose from smaller sizes for short trips, or bigger ones when you’re on a long trip. These are portable, reliable, and easy to put your logo on. What we have: Keyring power bank, wireless power bank

Price range: $8 – $30

Where to buy: Red Tomato Store


Planning to build your own customised employee welcome pack?

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Whatever business you’re in, there’s always a welcome item that can make an impact not only on your reputation but on the satisfaction and productivity of your team. Check out our store for a wide assortment of choices for each item and the new ones we have in our catalogue!

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