Red Tomato 10th year anniversary banner

red tomato brief

For our 10 year anniversary, we decided that we needed to recreate our brand image as it was becoming outdated. This marketing campaign took place over two months and incorporated a range of techniques including marketing automation, content creation and of course – promotional merchandise!

Red Tomato Infographic 10th year anniversary
part 2

It was time to start living up to the hype of our relaunch which we created back in May. We rebranded our logo and put it out to our social media fans for their opinion. Following this, we rebuilt our website and launched a month-long campaign for the month of October.

Once we had rebuilt our website we sent a birthday card to all our clients with an invitation to visit the website – we used high-quality cardboard printouts as well as metallic red envelopes to ensure our card would stand out in the mail and be opened.

Alongside this, we also did an e-version which invited clients and prospects to view our new webpage. This e-mail contained a call to action which enticed our clients with a free gift – a branded box filled with a 1kg block of chocolate and a little hammer to smash and share it with colleagues! These gifts were hand delivered by our account managers where possible.

Red Tomato infographic 10th birthday campaign