The Mup - Nova 96.9

The Mup Brief

NOVA 96.9 approached Red Tomato with an idea for a promotional product to giveaway to their listeners – The MUP. The MUP is a take-away coffee cup with a secret compartment that holds a breath mint to be used once you have finished drinking your coffee. To make that a reality they contacted Red Tomato who could produce the product ethically, affordably and whilst still complying with Food and Safety Standards.
The Mup - Nova 96.9
The Mup - Nova 96.9


Red Tomato jumped to action and utilized our relationships with local suppliers and packers to source and develop the MUP. Using samples and prototypes, the Red Tomato team worked closely with NOVA 96.9 to meet their requirements and produce 5,000 MUPs so NOVA 96.9 could sample them to their listeners. It is truly a one of a kind promotional coffee cup idea. 


Check out the 10 Promotional Marketing Mistakes to Avoid, on our blog to help you to avoid some pitfalls. Following this unique idea, we created other interactive promotional products like those for the kids at the Country Racing Victoria event.

The Mup - Nova 96.9 - Case study
“The entire team at Red Tomato were great to deal with and addressed any issues straight away. We’ll definitely work with them again.”