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pregnancy wheel brief

Hologic (Australia) Pty Ltd approached Red Tomato to source a ‘pregnancy wheel’ – a product that assists doctors and nurses in estimating the due date of delivery based on a patient’s last menstrual period.

Hologic was facing an issue with their marketing at a time where there was an oversaturation of promotional products in the health industry. However, these items uninteresting products such as pens, tote bags and notepads which delivered limited engagement.

Hologic wanted to do something different to stand out from their competitors. They also wanted something which would be useful and not just another stationary item which would be thrown away.

The challenge here was finding a cost effective product which would serve a purpose. The product had to be small enough to fit into the pockets of medical practitioners but large enough to be legible. It also had to be made from durable materials that could be easily cleaned if needed.

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Product image - pregnancy spinning wheel

Red Tomato used their offshore connections and sourced an innovative product from the USA that was completely unique to the Australian market. We worked with Hologic professionals in developing the Rapid fFN (Fetal Fibronectin) ‘pregnancy gestation wheel’, to ensure accuracy. This product was developed to find the birth date of an expected child and featured an engaging design of a spinning wheel showing the weeks of a pregnancy, and the dates of a year.

Today, Hologic uses the pregnancy gestation wheels as a promotional giveaway to engage their cliental and maintain a constant level of brand recognition. The wheels are most popular at medical conferences and Hologic continues to get multiple requests for the item. With the help of Red Tomato, Hologic was able to create a custom product which really stood out from their competitors and gave Hologic and Rapid fFN a name in the industry.

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“The Red Tomato staff are highly professional, have excellent communication, and no request has been too big or too small. Hologic Australia has often presented challenging requests to Red Tomato, but they have delivered each time in a prompt, professional, and friendly manner.”