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Hologic Brief

Hologic came to Red Tomato needing a promotional product solution which would help make women’s pap smears be a more comfortable experience. A heightened pelvis is necessary to perform pap tests accurately and check for abnormalities in the cervix. Before the ThinPrep pillow was produced by Red Tomato, the only option available was placing phone books or fists underneath a woman’s pelvis to ensure the GP or nurse had a clear view of the cervix. The Cancer Council of Australia linked using fists as a booster to psychological issues coming from women feeling trapped and vulnerable during an already uncomfortable experience. Hologic saw this as a problem  and came to Red Tomato to help solve it.
Hologic product
Hologic Thin prep product
The solution was a small pillow which could be placed under the woman’s pelvis in place of using their fists or phone books. The pillow was branded with the ThinPrep logo and PMS matched materials which has massively helped Hologic increase brand recognition amongst patients as it usually sits on the doctor’s bed when not in use.

The ThinPrep pillow has been Hologic’s most requested merchandise item. A portion of the supplied pillows are also taken to the United Nations Convention for US Health and passed out to doctors who perform pap smears for women in third world countries.

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