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Grand Final Day Brief

Last year, Red Tomato decided to take Grand Final day as an excuse to promote ourselves and send our lovely clients branded Red Tomato footballs. OBrien Real Estate loved the idea and approached Red Tomato with the idea of using the AFL grand final as a timely excuse to draw more people to their auction. As grand final day is the unofficial public holiday of the nation, drawing people to these auctions can be a bit of a challenge.
AFL Football
Our merchandise was paired with a very clever Facebook video. Styled like the footy show, OBrien’s Sam Hartrick and Byron Kerr Wrap created a video talking about the upcoming auctions and the footy promotion which was to take place. The video got 1.5 thousand views, as well as 40 reactions. Not only did their Facebook video receive a grand audience, but their auctions did too. The perfect example of how promotional merchandise and social media go hand in hand.
OBrien football infographic
“Having worked with both Red Tomato & Jes for the last 4-5 years, we knew that the team would be able to assist us with creating some ‘out of the box’ promotions. We enlisted the help of Red Tomato for our AFL Finals Promotions throughout the months of September & October. The kid sized footys were received fantastically at our Auctions & Opens with both parents & kids alike having an absolute ball. We are already in planning to expand our promotions this year and will be enlisting the help of both Jes & Red Tomato again. Thanks again team.” Greg Brydon | Media & Marketing Manager.