crowd engagement- country racing victoria

Country Racing Victoria Kids and family

Country Racing Victoria host a race meets across Victoria with a series of themed campaigns to engage race goers in the rural locations. Over the summer months Country Racing Victoria host a “Kids and Family” campaign targeted at engaging families to come to the races in 33 locations. Country Racing Victoria came to Red Tomato to source items for the activity pack that would engage children at and after the event to show winning isn’t everything and give great brand awareness for Country Racing Victoria.


crowd engagement- country racing victoria
crowd engagement- country racing victoria
After a series of in-house brainstorming sessions, Red Tomato developed a series of fun interactive brand awareness items aimed at Country kids in Victoria and presented them to Country Racing Victoria. Country Racing Victoria shortlisted their range to include: customised backpack, colour-in calendar and portable mini fan in which we sourced from a combination of Chinese factories and local suppliers that could deliver in the timelines required.
branded merchandise for crowd engagement
Country Racing logo
“Great choice of merchandise ideas, very efficient and helpful”. Rita Catania.
Product Feedback:
  • Great little backpack for children and looks good too!
  • Loved the idea of a colouring calendar as opposed to a normal colouring book, given children may actually keep it for the whole year.
  • These will be very handy for children and their parents on many hot days at the country races.It’s also an item they will hopefully keep using at other events eg tennis!