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AVID Property Group Case Study

AVID Property Group approached Red Tomato looking for innovative gifts to give their clients who had recently purchased a block of land in their development. These settlement gifts were a medium to say thank you to their clients.

AVID wanted something that would be useful for the clients. Something which could be used by families but most importantly create a sense of culture and community in their residential development areas. They wanted a promotional item which would encourage residents to participate in outdoor activities together.

Havest backpack by AVID Property group
Havest backpack merchandise by AVID Property group
Red Tomato brainstormed some ideas internally of products which could be used in an outdoor capacity. AVID’s favourite was a four person picnic pack which included a rug, cutlery and crockery all packed into a backpack which was branded ‘Harvest’, one of their development estate’s names. They ran with similar products for all three developments which were being established at the time.

AVID has found that customer engagement levels have risen since they handed out their merchandise packs to home buyers and are overall satisfied with their ROI on this product.

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