New Clients Onboarding: Blow Their Minds with a Welcome Kit

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You’ve just finished celebrating with your team the signing of a new client. Amazing, right? But what do you do with the time between that glorious contract signing and the actual kickoff of the project?

Most companies neglect to have a proper client intake system and thus miss a huge opportunity to truly boost their reputation and revenue. The best way to squeeze the juice out of this period of time is a properly branded and customised new Client Welcome Kit.

You are an expert in your industry and you’ll get the job with your client done well. Now let the experts guide you through the process of having a new Client Welcome Kit that’ll make your company stand out from the crowd.


Make the Welcome Kit Informative

Every Welcome Kit is intended not only to delight your clients and make them a happy customer, but they’re also a tool that can be used to make sure they have all the information they need to work with you.

welcome kits for new clients

Immediately after a contract is signed or an agreement is reached, send a 2- or 3-page PDF that contains important information about the work you’ll do with your client. Create a master version that you can quickly customise for each client and each different project.

This “brochure” should be part welcome wagon, part client roadmap, part FAQ. Keep it simple, easy to read, and make it engaging so your client feels compelled to react to it.


Keep It Fun 

Once you’ve got the informative part of the Welcome Kit taken care of, it’s time to make sure it’s fun. A Welcome Kit for clients should contain items that are designed, selected and customised to be fun in a way related to their industry, to the project and/or to their company’s style. (check out here some popular options)

welcome kit for new client

Be original, but also be mindful of culture, values and other factors that might touch on different sensibilities. Make them age-appropriate and consider how your client will use it on a daily basis, which takes us to the next point.


Make Sure It’s Useful

Promotional merchandise has a long useful life expectancy and makes your brand stay in your customer’s mind for a long time. But they have to be useful.

welcome packs for new clients

Take into consideration everything you know about your client (think about using the buyer persona method) and let’s come up together with items that’ll be present in their everyday life in a useful manner. Something useful covers everything from a daily planner, a pen, and a hat, to more specific items that might be used for work or daily life as a meter of some sort, a light, and so on. 



Deliver with Class

welcome kit for new clients

Of course, regular carrier delivery works most of the time. But you might want to take things up a notch, depending on what your client would appreciate. A special delivery service, a great looking package that is original and might be useful too, or even just delivering it yourself might make more of an impact and reassure your client they’ve picked the right company.


Benefits of using Welcome Kits for New Clients

Going the extra mile by surprising and delighting your client has plenty of benefits, including:

• Reinforcing your client’s decision to work with you.

• Managing their expectations.

• Easing your client into a new process.

• Surprising and delighting your client.

• Reinforcing your brand in your client’s mind.

And much more. Now that you see the benefits and understand that a new client intake system is crucial, contact us to let us take care of the entire process for you and make sure the items you include are there to make a difference.