Best Welcome Kits for New Employees in 2024

So you’ve settled to hire a new employee based on their resume, qualifications, and experience. Now on their first few days of work, it’s your turn as the company to remind them that they made the right choice. In today’s onboarding landscape, companies are looking for new ways to create memorable experiences for their new hires. 

One of the ways they can do this is with a welcome kit. An onboarding or welcome kit is a package of items given to new hires. This serves as a token of appreciation and aid for settling into their new role. Some images that may come to mind include branded mugs and pens. While these are all tried and tested welcome kit examples, modern starter packs would need some thinking outside the box. In this new employee welcome kits 2024 guide, we’ll explore the components of the best welcome kits and learn how you can customise one of your own.

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The Importance of Welcome Kits in 2024 

The rise of hybrid work models has shaped how many companies work and employee onboarding trends in 2024. This means that things like employee onboarding and building a team culture should happen remotely as they happen in the office. Even with the rise of technology in onboarding, now more than ever we need that human touch.  

This is where welcome kits come in. Amid all the icebreakers and onboarding seminars, new hire welcome essentials are one tangible thing that they can have and look back on. Whether they are working in the office or remotely, they can build deeper connections with your company through a thoughtful welcome kit. 

Red Tomato’s Best Welcome Kits Selection 

Here at Red Tomato, we specialise in creating customised merchandise like employee welcome kits. What makes us different is that we don’t just give you products that every other company is putting in their welcome kits. Instead, we take the time to consult our clients to understand their goals and vision.

This allows us to design innovative and custom welcome kits that best suit their company’s needs.

We have rounded up some of our best welcome kits to draw inspiration from!

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  • Make new hires feel part of the team with essentials that will give them a warm welcome.
  • This welcome kit includes a winter jacket, company t-shirt, embossed leather notebook, stainless steel water bottle, insulated travel mug, signature series ballpoint pen, and a cotton tote bag.
WK 2@1080x
  • The perfect welcome kit for sales team members includes everything they would need to find success.
  • This kit includes a protective laptop sleeve, personalised business card holder, interactive sales presentation pointer, mobile phone stand, eco-friendly power bank, and premium noise-cancelling earbuds.
WK 3@1080x
  • This classy and minimalist welcome kit is for the modern professional who appreciates elegance in simplicity.
  • This welcome kit includes a tailored leather wallet, hardcover linen notebook, monochrome desk organiser, sleek metal water bottle, minimalist tote bag, and neutral-toned lanyard.
WK 4@1080x
  • A welcome gift that is suited for every working millennial on the go.
  • This welcome kit includes an eco-friendly modular backpack, bound journal notebook, smart mug, multi-function leather cardholder, bumper stickers, and bullet pen.

Key Components of the Best Welcome Kits 

Welcome kits can come in various items depending on your onboarding strategy. But what the best onboarding gifts have in common is that they make new hires feel valued, excited, and informed. Study shows that employees who receive an effective onboarding feel 18 times more committed to their organisation. 

Let’s take a look at the new employee essentials you can add to your onboarding strategy: 

  • Welcome Letter — This can be a personalised letter from the CEO or the team leader that welcomes the new hire to the company. Show excitement for the new employee as they hoin the team and look forward to their success and contributions in their new role. 
  • Employee Handbook — An employee handbook is a comprehensive guide that outlines company policies, procedures, benefits, and expectations. This can come in a printed booklet or an e-copy format. 
  • Company Swag — Company swag refers to branded company merchandise that displays the branding or logo of the company. Branded company merchandise can range from apparel to functional office tools. These can be t-shirts, water bottles, lanyards, notebooks, tote bags, pens, and more. 
  • Office Supplies or Tech Accessories — Include items that can help make the job of your new employees easier. Different work setups make certain things more essential. If employees work at the office then office supplies such as desk organisers and notepads can come in handy. If employees work remotely, tech accessories like wireless chargers, mouse pads, keyboards, and webcams may be more suitable. 
  • Team Information and Company Culture Materials — Help bring new employees up to speed with the help of supplementary company information. Include a team information list that contains key people they can contact like HR, IT support, and the different department heads. Share your company culture better with the help of materials that emphasise the company’s mission, vision, and values. You can also add the different company activities that new employees can look forward to. 
  • Training Materials — Add any relevant training manuals, online courses, and online resources that can help them long after the onboarding process is done. This will be a list of materials they can read or watch on-demand.

Testimonials and Success Stories

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Benefits of Red Tomato’s Welcome Kits 

Welcome kits like the ones by Red Tomato, can be great tools for creating an effective onboarding strategy. A welcome kit is more than a gimmick and can be a valuable employee satisfaction and workplace culture enhancement solution. Here are some of the benefits it can bring to your organisation: 

  • Better Onboarding Process — Provide all the necessary information and resources your new hires would need in a welcome kit. This saves time for both your HR staff and new employees as they can just refer to the materials you provided. 
  • Lasting First Impression — Create a positive first impression with a well-designed welcome kit. Make them feel recognised and valued as early as the first day on the job.
  • Employee Satisfaction Welcome kits can help create a positive and memorable onboarding experience for your new employees. Showing your new employees that you value and appreciate them pays off in the long run. This keeps them engaged in their roles and various company activities and keeps them staying longer in the company. 
  • Culture Enhancement — Firmly establish your branding and identity with the use of branded merchandise. Giving them a kit with branded merchandise fosters a sense of belonging and pride in new employees that they now get to be a part of your organisation.

Benefits of an awesome welcome kit for your organisation

Ordering Process and Customisation Options

Here at Red Tomato, we offer customisable onboarding packages that are tailored for your needs. To order employee welcome kits, simply go to our website to contact us via email or phone. You can also book a free video consultation where our team would be happy to assist you. Our team is available from 9 AM to 5 PM during the weekdays. Alternatively, you can visit our online store and browse our online catalogue before contacting our team.

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What type of products do you offer for welcome kits?

Our wide range of branded product solutions includes items for every person and occasion including apparel, leisure, drinkware, accessories, gadgets, stationery, and so much more.

Do you offer customisation options for your products?

Customisation is at the heart of what we do. Creating great product experiences starts with aligning merchandise with the brand. Using branding techniques such as logo placement, color matching, and incorporating the brand’s visual identity in merchandise goes a long way.

Can you offer product recommendations?

We’d be happy to! Choosing the right products can be overwhelming with so many options. That’s why our team is here to provide expert guidance and recommendations based on your marketing goals, budget, target audience, and more.

How does the design process work?

We start each client interaction with a consultation call where we understand our client’s goals and vision. Our team of product designers and creative rockstars will work closely with you from concept development to production and ensure that the branded merchandise resonates with your brand identity and target audience. 

What is the turnaround time once the order is placed?

Once the design is approved, expect the welcome kits to be delivered in 2-3 weeks. Our team will coordinate the delivery to your preferred location. 

All orders with Red Tomato come with parcel tracking. Once the merchandise is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number to keep you updated with the whereabouts of your package.

Do you offer eco-friendly products and packaging?

Yes! We have made a conscious effort to innovate product solutions with minimal environmental impact. Our product line includes a range of sustainable merchandise options that come with environmentally-friendly packaging.

Get Started with Red Tomato’s Starter Pack for New Employees

A welcome kit can be a valuable tool in your onboarding arsenal that helps new hires connect better with your company and their new roles. This makes them feel valued and encourages good performance and loyalty in the long term. 

Explore the best onboarding solutions by Red Tomato with our welcome kit offerings.  Browse our full product catalogue and speak with our team today!

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