Top 15 Sustainable Promotional Items for Your Business

It’s no secret that a lot of consumers are leaning towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle. According to Deloitte, consumers have shifted their relationship with the products – mainly, they’re only buying what they need, they’re using more public transport, and are opting for recyclable products.

Companies should respond to this market shift as it can address two challenges at once. Shifting to greener alternatives quickly can help companies stay relevant and actively contribute to preservation and conservation initiatives.

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When choosing the right promotional marketing product, one should consider three main things:

  • Reusability – Durability and versatility contribute to sustainability. Choose eco-friendly items designed for long-term use to reduce landfill waste.
  • Production and disposal impact – Consider the environmental impact of the product’s manufacturing and disposal processes. Look for sustainable farming and harvesting practices and products that naturally degrade.
  • Social impact – Support small businesses and cottage industries like weaving and small-scale farming. Choose products certified by environmental regulators.

Promotional marketing companies with sustainable options, like Red Tomato, can help communicate your company’s dedication to an environmentally positive direction.

To make your next promotional campaign more sustainable, we’ve listed the top 15 sustainable promotional items for your business:

1. Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers - Sustainable Promotional Items

Listen to your favourite tunes, anywhere, anytime! Your favourite peripherals also have their eco-friendlier versions, like this wireless speaker. The Oaken speaker and wireless charger enable you to recharge your phone while listening to music. Its charging bay is lined with cork and the body is made of wheat straw and recyclable ABS material.

2. Wireless charger pod

Wireless charger pod - Sustainable Promotional Items

Bamboo is such an amazing material. It’s biodegradable but can still be integrated into various peripherals. This wireless charger will allow you to use your phone while charging without yanking anything off the wall. It can work on most modern phones with magnetic charging capabilities.

3. Vacuum tumbler

Vacuum tumbler

Vacuum tumblers were certainly a hit, especially from the past years. These items will continue to be relevant as they provide a great substitute for single-use beverage bottles. It’s also multi-purpose as it keeps your coffee hot and your favorite drinks cold.

4. Reusable bottle

Reusable Bottle

Reusable bottles are almost similar to vacuum tumblers. These items, though, are much more compact and are designed to carry water. These can be useful for those who love the outdoors or are regulars at the gym. They can also come in different sizes, from 250 ml to 1.5 litres.

5. Tote bags

Tote Bag - Sustainable Promotional Items

Tote bags are great substitutes for grocery bags as they are expandable and can be rewashed after use. When it comes to fabrics, look for items that are approved by regulatory and auditing entities to make sure they are aligned with environmental standards.

6. Reusable individual cutlery

Reusable individual cutlery - Sustainable Promotional Items

You can reduce the use of single-use plastics when you bring your own reusable cutlery. This set includes a steak knife, spoon, fork, metal straw, and a cleaning brush for the straw. It also has a cotton pouch which makes the entire set fit in your bag.

7. Wireless charger and desk caddy

Wireless charger and desk caddy - Sustainable Promotional Items

This is a perfect welcome kit gift as it serves as a decorative desk organiser, a phone stand, and a wireless charger all at the same time. The desk caddy is mainly made from wheat straw and ABS, while the charging pod is lined with cork. This desk caddy can charge most modern phones with magnetic charging features.

8. Powerbank

Powerbank, a Sustainable Promotional Item

A powerbank is a definite must-have for anyone who uses a phone or a tablet. You can opt for smaller ones but the bigger ones can charge up to two devices at the same time. Look out for greener versions of this ubiquitous accessory, just like this one that’s made from wheat straw and ABS.

9. Kraft notebook

Kraft notebook - Sustainable Promotional Items

Notepads also make for great welcome kit or conference giveaway items. If you decide to go for notebooks, look for those made with kraft paper. Kraft paper is made from recycled pulp and is as durable as normal paper.

10. Whisky Set

Whisky Set - Sustainable Promotional Items

Impress your friends with this compact whiskey set that will surely elevate your nightcap experience. The set comes with a 350ml glass and 2 reusable freezing cubes that can chill your drink without diluting it. For serving, it also has a bamboo coaster and a tong.

11. Wooden stands and organisers

wood stand organizer

Everybody loves an organised kitchen space. Imagine finding the thing you need exactly where you expect it to be. With this sustainable wood organiser, you don’t have to imagine. It has different slots for your favorite tools and the unique shape serves as a great kitchen accent.

12. Bathroom Organiser

Bathroom Organizer

Keep your bathroom essentials organised to ensure that your sink space is clean and neat. This organiser comes with a refillable soap dispenser and is made of bamboo, a material that’s sturdy and biodegradable.

13. Recycled Flipflops

Recycled Flipflops, a sustainable promotional item

You can use it at home, when doing errands, or when lounging at the beach. This pair of flip-flops are made from reclaimed and recycled materials.

14. Yoga Mat

yoga mat - Sustainable Promotional Items

Sustainability goes together with wellness. Build healthier habits with the Padma cork yoga mat. This 0.4cm mat can be a base for various floor exercises. It also has a cotton strap so you can take this mat wherever you go.

15. Tool kit

Tool Kit - Sustainable Promotional Items

This 13-piece tool kit is your perfect roadside companion. It has a durable bamboo case and a set of all the essential tools one can use should repairs and small projects come up. Its compact design can let you easily store it in your car or a corner of your pantry.

Switch to eco-friendly products now

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