Tomato Air, Tomato Air
2021 Silver PPAI Pyramid Winner
Tomato Air, Tomato Air

Tomato Air: The complete Product Experience

BRIEF: A New Airline

Each year, Red Tomato executes a self promotional campaign to help drive sales and establish our position as a leaders in the promotional marketing industry. In 2019, we needed to create a campaign that would truly sweep people off their feet and take them to cloud nine (both literally and figuratively). 

Red Tomato have been going above and beyond by taking their clients to greater heights for years, helping them achieve their business goals and aspirations. An airline does the same thing for its passengers – but as a Promotional Marketing Agency, our vehicle is the bespoke promo merchandise that boosts a brand’s overall marketing experience, sales and internal culture.


Inspired by the ultimate flight VIP experience, we launched our figurative airline
“Tomato Air” – because we always find the most effective and innovative ways to reach your destination.

The strategy was based around the metaphorical portrayal of how Red Tomato delivers quality solutions and excellent service to its clients through an onboard, transportive experience. 

The promotional product campaign consisted of a suite of digital marketing strategies along with a tangible inflight amenities kit, boarding pass, in-flight crew, custom website and a in-flight magazine. 

Tomato Air, Tomato Air


Tomato Air, Tomato Air
TA Inflight magazine cover
Tomato Air, Tomato Air

RESULTS: An Award-Winning Campaign

The Tomato Air campaign received extremely positive feedback from clients and prospects, which resulted in an 18% increase in sales compared to the same period the previous year. Some clients genuinelybelieved we were launching an airline and had called to see if it was true!

In addition, the campaign was awarded the 2021 Silver PPAI Pyramid Award in Marketing Programs for Digital Self-Promotion.

“Love the concept, love the out of the box kitting. Great job!”


“OUTSTANDING. Great objectives, very measurable and great results.”


“Very strong program. Great digital component.”


“Unbelievable – hit the mark perfectly. I would like to fly with the crew at Tomato Air!”


– PPAI 2021 Judges
Tomato Air, Tomato Air