Top 10 Must-Haves from Our Spring Collection

With spring’s vibrant arrival, it’s time to freshen up our essentials. Spring calls for new adventures, rejuvenation, and, of course, an updated collection that marries functionality with style.

So, whether you’re planning for a holiday, starting a new project at work, or enhancing your space, our spring collection has what you need. Moreover, this season’s limited edition offerings are designed to enhance your brand’s visibility, forging a deeper connection with your audience.

Introducing the best from our Spring Collection:

Spring Outdoor Items


1. Canvas Hammock

Canvas Hammock

Relax and unwind with our premium canvas hammock. Made from high-quality canvas material, it ensures comfort and resilience. Whether you’re looking to lounge in your backyard or take it on a trip, the accompanying canvas pouch makes portability a breeze.

Price: $79.47

**Minimum order of 50 units

2. Game Skittles Spare

Game Skittles Spare

Revisit the timeless game of skittles with our unique 12-piece set. Crafted from premium wood and neatly packed in a durable cotton pouch, this game promises not only fun but also durability and elegance.

Price: $94.61 

**Minimum order of 50 units 

Spring Work Selection


3. Zaphir Charger Speaker

Zaphir Charger Speaker

Here, the music blends seamlessly with the utility of our bamboo speaker. With its integrated 10W wireless charger, it ensures you groove to your tunes without worrying about your device’s battery. Plus, its eco-designed box not only ensures safekeeping but does so with an ecological flair.

Price: $92.37 

**Minimum order of 50 units 

4. Foldable Desk Lamp and Wireless Charger

Foldable Desk Lamp and Wireless Charger

Brighten up your workspace with this versatile bamboo lamp. Not just any light source, its integrated 10W wireless charger ensures your device is powered up as your desk brightens up. The multiple lighting modes make it adaptable, while its eco-designed box underscores its commitment to the environment.

Price: $98.51 

**Minimum order of 50 units

5. Tango Wireless Headphones

Tango Wireless Headphones

Seamlessly uniting tech with eco-friendly design, these headphones offer crisp sound with a stylish edge. Combining technology with bamboo and RPET fabric, they offer comfort and functionality. They come in an eco-designed box, prioritizing sustainability and quality.

Price: $95.81 

**Minimum order of 50 units

Spring Collection Essentials – Apparel & Accessories


6. Iconic T-Shirt for Men & Women

Iconic T-Shirt for Men & Women

This iconic T-shirt from Fruit of the Loom is a wardrobe essential. Made from 100% brushed cotton ring-spun, it promises unparalleled comfort with every wear. Whether for men or women, it’s the embodiment of simplicity meeting quality.

With a collection that marries functionality, style, and sustainability, this apparel addition ensures that you not only look good but also feel good with every wear. Elevate your everyday ensemble with this classic piece.

Price: $28.56

**Minimum order of 50 units

7. Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo Sunglasses

These bamboo-armed sunglasses combine sustainability with a timeless design. They offer eye protection while ensuring you stay stylish. Made to Australian standards, they prioritise both form and function.

Price: $7.12 

**Minimum order of 50 units

8. Bucket Hat with Patch

Bucket Hat with Patch

Upgrade your wardrobe with this premium cotton bucket hat. Designed for comfort with a leather-look patch for added style. Offered in two sizes, it ensures a comfortable and stylish fit.

Price: $7.20

**Minimum order of 50 units

9. Seedsticks Growpot

Seedsticks Growpot

Enhance your space with this plantable pot. It’s fully biodegradable, promoting sustainable living. With full-colour printing, it’s as eco-friendly as it is visually appealing.

Price: $12.08

**Minimum order of 50 units

10. Seedsticks Growbox

Seedsticks Growbox

Turn any space into a mini-garden with this comprehensive kit. With three seed varieties and plantable pots, it promises a lush green space. Plus, its custom-printed header card ensures you cultivate with confidence.

Price: $38.48

**Minimum order of 50 units

Spring merchandising transcends products; it encapsulates experiences and cherished memories. With our collection, you’re selecting premium items and ensuring your brand becomes a part of memorable spring moments.

Spring Forward with Our Collection

Every item in this collection has been thoughtfully crafted, ensuring that you not only enjoy top-tier products but also contribute to a sustainable future. 

Visit our spring store to see our products or contact our team to learn how they can enhance your brand’s spring promotions.

Spring Forward with Our Collection

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