Retro Rewind

In a fast-changing world where trends come and go, retro remains forever. Anything retro whether they be trends or aesthetics brings a sense of comfort and familiarity because of the memories and emotions they evoke. Retro carries a charm and character that stands the test of time and offers a refreshing departure from present trends. 

Why Retro Rewind?

Here in Red Tomato, we’re celebrating decades of trending promotional items through Retro Rewind. Promotional products have been around as long as the practice of marketing. It has since evolved through the decades and has been a reflection of our evolving tastes and lifestyles. For Retro Rewind, we’re paying homage to the timeless merchandise through our curated picks that are sure to bring back feelings of nostalgia. 

Vote For Your Favorite Custom Mug

Retro Rewind’s customised mugs

We’re giving you the unique opportunity to vote for your favorite design for Retro Rewind’s customised mugs. Choose from six unique retro-inspired designs that will become the face of our limited-edition custom mugs. To vote, simply choose the design of your choice on our voting website. 

The voting period will be from May 1 to May 30 and we will display the results on June 5, 2024. All the voters will be receiving the winning mug together with their Retro Rewind items, which we will ship out from June 5 – 15, 2024.

Custom mug voting

Limited Time Offer: FREE Items Up for Grabs! 

Free Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker

Promo Period: May 1 – June 30, 2024

Free Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker

Don’t miss out on our exclusive sales promotion that is sure to add charm to your purchases. Bring sexy back with our gift item perfect for every retro jam. For every $2,500 worth of orders, enjoy a FREE Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker as a complimentary gift item as a token of our appreciation. Simply place an order in our Retro Rewind shop to avail of our promo. 

Free Retro Rewind Mug

Promo Period: May 1 – May 30, 2024

free stylish Retro Rewind mu

Book any promotional sale with us, and  as a nod to old-school charm, we’re delighted to gift you with a stylish Retro Rewind mug. To avail, don’t forget to vote for your favorite retro mug design.  Make sure to grab these limited-time offers while they last! 

Explore Our Retro Rewind Offerings

Bring back the retro feels with our Retro Rewind items to add to your gift boxes. We’ve rounded up a list of the must-have items that revisit iconic retro merchandise from yesteryear that you can customise and combine into your ultimate gift set. 

  1. Tin Lunch Box — Embrace nostalgia through the rugged charm of a tin lunch box. It’s the perfect container for meals and snacks when you’re on the go. The best part? Its timeless looks makes for an excellent conversation starter. Retro Rewind - Tin Lunch Box
  2. Retro Cooler Box — Go back in time with this retro cooler box that is colder than the ice it holds. Keep your food and drinks cool and fresh as you take them with you on your outdoor picnics and adventures.

    Retro Cooler Box


  3. Waistbag — Waistbags are more than an old tourist dad aesthetic but today’s stylish statement piece! Its convenient design is both stylish and functional, plus it keeps your essentials close and accessible. 



  4. Custom Puzzle Cube — Whisk boredom away with a little challenge that a puzzle cube can offer.Retro Rewind - Custom Puzzle Cube
  5. Maverick Sunglasses — These lenses were made popular by pilots but have since become a staple for their timeless look and versatility.Maverick Sunglasses
  6. Aviator Mirror Lens Sunglasses — More than just a fashion statement, aviator lenses are a timeless accessory that combines style and functionality. The mirrored coating on the lenses adds a futuristic look that protects you from the glare of the sun—perfect for a day at the beach!Aviator Mirror Lens Sunglasses
  7. Enamel Mug — Add a pop of vintage charm to any kitchen or desk with an enamel mug. Made of sturdy enamel-coated steel, these mugs are a durable, versatile, and stylish addition to your daily routine of enjoying your favorite beverage. Enamel Mug
  8. Rock Candy — Tickle your taste buds with a sugary snack that will transport you back to the good old times. Rock candy is crystallised candy that comes in many classic flavors and is perfect as a quick treat.

    Rock Candy


  9. Madrid A4 Pad Folio — Form meets function with a Madrid A4 Pad Folio that reflects your professionalism with its timeless and versatile look. Designed to be carried on the go, a folio can keep you covered when you need to jot down notes or sketch out ideas.Madrid A4 Pad Folio
  10. Trek Notebook — Capture your notes, thoughts, and ideas confidently wherever you are with a Trek Notebook. Designed to withstand the elements, a trek notebook can keep your notes intact and smudge-free, perfect for the urban explorer.Trek Notebook
  11. Retro Handset — Transport yourself to a bygone era of corded telephones with a retro handset. The ergonomic design and grip make for long comfortable phone conversations without having to cradle your smartphone between your ear and shoulder. Retro Handset
  12. Mop Top Pen — More than just a pen, the mop top pen is a fun writing companion with its colorful microfiber hair. This playful desk accessory is sure to add a touch of personality to your desk or pen holder.

    Mop Top Pen


  13. Print Badge — Wear the retro charm with our printed badge that you can use to decorate your desk or everyday essentials. The best part is that this printed badge can be customisable to any design of your choosing.Print Badge

Experience the Best of Retro with Our Memory Box

Promo Period: May 1 – May 30, 2024

Get our limited edition Memory Box

Take a trip down memory lane with Red Tomato’s limited edition curated Memory Box. — a curated collection of retro-inspired promotional items that will transform your brand’s storytelling. Get the best timeless items in one unforgettable set that is up for grabs. 

This set is a limited-time offer for early birds. Simply order a minimum of 50 units from the entire Retro Rewind collection and you can get our limited edition Memory Box. This order includes our winning Retro Rewind mug and FREE Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker. 

Relive Retro with Red Tomato

Bring back the timeless feel, nostalgia, and good memories that retro brings with Retro Rewind. Explore the best retro merchandise there is in Australia for an unforgettable gifting experience. Contact our team at Red Tomato today to get started!

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