Red Tomato announced a PPAI Silver Pyramid Award Winner!

January 31, 2018- Red Tomato is proud to be recently awarded the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Silver Pyramid Award in Las Vegas.  They were named the Silver Pyramid Award for their work with Country Racing Victoria (CRV) Kids Program.

CRV hosts race meets across Victoria to engage race goers in rural locations.  The Kids Activity Pack encouraged early registration and helped engage children during and after the event to show winning isn’t everything.

“CRV in conjunction with Red Tomato has created a incredibly strong property with the Kids Summer of Country Racing Backpack. The campaign had an increase of 5% in attendance and 9% in gate revenue. The success of this campaign has established an excellent foundation for the campaign to leverage into the new racing season. On the back of this success, next year’s campaign will be bigger and better with a new and improved kids backpack to be used as a means to incentivise patrons to come to the country races.” Darren Galley – CRV Marketing and Business Development Manager


“Red Tomato is proud to have forged such a strong partnership with Country Racing Victoria.  The team here put a lot of time and thought into the selection of products that will help achieve CRV’s outcomes.” Justin Reynolds – Managing Director

The PPAI Awards and Recognition Program celebrates creative excellence throughout the promotional products industry. The awards recognize everything from Distinguished Service and Hall of Fame careers to great websites, outstanding customer service and everything in between.

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