Rebranding Empire Lane Advisory


Empire Lane Advisory approached Red Tomato to assist them in launching and expanding their company into the competitive property advisor market.

As a new company, they had limited brand awareness and accessibility to information about their services.

In order to achieve their long term goal of growing their company and opening a Sydney office, Empire Lane Advisory’s objectives were to generate new business and brand awareness.

Empire Lane Advisory, Rebranding Empire Lane Advisory


The strategy behind this project was to rebrand and launch Empire Lane advisory into the digital space with a fresh brand identity.

The brand vision would be visually consistent across all digital communication channels with a specific focus on web and social.

Our creative team got together and brought out their digital marketing and graphic design skills to produce the new brand identity of Empire Lane Advisory!


Through the brand analysis we created a style guide for Empire Lane that captures the voice of the brand.  This consisted of a new logo, design and visual tonality.



The brand image and voice is consistent across the two chosen social media channels; Facebook and Instagram.

Red Tomato manages, creates and analyses all social media content. We optimise all digital features and trends with a consistent and active approach.

We provide a digital creative strategy behind each post and engagement.


“Achieving budget this year will help reach our goal of opening a Sydney office and expanding the team. Within two months of relaunching into the digital space and utilising only organic advertising methods, Empire Lane has already achieved 67% of our annual sales budget”.

Hannah Gair

Managing Director, Empire Lane Advisory