Essential Items to Include in Your 2024 Employee Welcome Kit


The importance of an employee welcome kit simply cannot be understated, especially when considering the critical first several months of a new employee’s tenure. According to a study by the Work Institutes, it turns out that 2 out of 3 newly hired employees leave their jobs within their first year. Interestingly, the Brandon Hall Group conducted a study for Glassdoor.

They found that a strong onboarding program, complete with a thoughtful employee welcome kit, could potentially increase employee retention by as much as 82%.

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For businesses, the challenge is to make an exceptional first impression that can foster commitment from new hires. So, where should you start? With things you can control, such as welcome kits.

Interestingly, new employees often find these kits fundamental to their integration into the company. An employee welcome kit collects gifts and treats that make new members feel appreciated and importantly serves as:

  • A means of helping new employees get started
  • A tool to introduce company culture
  • A way to promote your company
  • A means to mark the transition between “applying” and “being hired”

Now that we understand the importance of onboarding and the role of welcome kits, let’s explore what makes an impactful welcome kit in 2024.


Essential Items to Include in Your 2024 Employee Welcome Kit:


1. A Welcome Note or Letter from The Leader

Why it’s important: A welcome letter serves as one of the first forms of recognition for an employee. It synchronizes the expectations of the employee and the company from day one.

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How should you do it:  It’s important to personalise the letter, including the employee’s name and role. With the help of HR, leaders can craft letters that effectively highlight why they hired the employee, the expectations, and an expression of delight to have them on board.


2. Company Swag

Why it’s important:  Welcome kits that contain your company’s promotional products give a tangible version of your appreciation. It also helps them identify with their new group as they’ll be carrying the company’s brand with them.

Promotional materials also serve as a great way to introduce your brand to other people – whether your employees are wearing them on an errand run, or if they’re so impressed with the kit that they’ll share a photo of it on their social media accounts.

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How should you do it:  Consider your company’s identity and the practicality of the products. You can choose versatile and traditional ones like ceramic mugs, or level it up with thermo-flasks or vacuum mugs.

You should also include products your employees can wear like jackets, vests, caps, shirts, or even singlets so they can show off your brand when they’re running or working out. Furthermore, your products should be able to communicate your company’s values. Are you a sports-oriented company? Why not include fitness gear?

Are you advocating for sustainability? Include reusable items, biodegradable and sturdy pouches, or products that are made from recycled materials. To get started with your welcome kits, you can check out our wide range of branded products that your employees will surely enjoy.


3. The Company’s “Culture Bible”

Why it’s important: Leadership won’t always guide the new employee through the company’s culture. There are organic ones, like team communication or company vibe.

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How should you do it: Include the company’s employee handbook and “culture bible” in your welcome kit. Some companies even distribute copies of specific books, like Ogilvy and Mather’s “The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness.”


4. Induction Materials

Why it’s important: You can’t expect your new employees to waltz into your workplace and know everything they need to know. On their first day, employees should be given purpose and direction as it can make them disconnected from the company if they fail to establish those points.

Induction materials will also help your employees navigate through the different systems you have and align their goals and work style to your company’s mission and vision.

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How should you do it: Include materials introducing your company’s vision, mission, brand identity, and core values. The kit should contain a day’s checklist for the new employee, such as a list of applications and credentials (e.g., e-mail, office chat), an understanding of their immediate hierarchical structures, and additional HR documents.

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